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So I've been playing ME3...and I'd love some hospital bed sex.

Re: Femshep/Kaidan

YES. Very much, YES.

all I've ever learned from love 1/?

I took some liberties with the dialogue from that scene, and stole a line from their conversation in Apollo's Cafe because it suited my nefarious purposes. >D

maybe there’s a God above
but all I’ve ever learned from love
was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you

“Was there something between you and Garrus?”

Honest to God, Shepard’s heart stops dead in her chest. She looks carefully at Kaidan, trying to decide whether she can get away with lying, whether she it’s worth it, whether she even wants to. She decides fairly quickly that she’ll tell him the truth, but it still takes more effort than she would’ve liked to open her mouth and make the words come out. Christ, she’s stared down the Collectors without batting an eye - destroyed their base and lived to talk about it - but just the idea of telling Kaidan she slept with Garrus makes all the moisture evaporate from her mouth.

“Our, um --” She stumbles over the words, legitimately struggling to look him in the eye. She doesn’t even know why she’s nervous; she hasn’t done anything wrong. But it’s Kaidan, and the last thing she wants to do is hurt him, especially when he looks like he got run over by the Mako. “Our fight on Horizon really threw me out.” She can’t help it. She glances down at her sneakers, just for a second, before she resumes eye contact. “You just shut me down.”

Kaidan sighs. “I know. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. There you were... alive!”

She nods. Yeah, she gets it. In fact, she’s pretty sure she gets the monopoly on being surprised at her own resurrection. Sometimes she still can’t quite wrap her head around it.

“I understand why you cheated, but I still love you, Shepard.”

At this, her head snaps up, and her brow furrows. For a moment, she just blinks at him, blood rushing in her ears. Then she gets up from the chair she’s pulled out from the desk nearby and moves to the door of Kaidan’s hospital room. She locks it with a flick of her wrist, and then taps the pad next to the door that tints the glass walls to opaque black. She turns back to him, jaw clenched tight and eyes narrowed.

“Say that again, Major?”

His brow is crinkled with confused, maybe because her inflection suggests she doesn’t understand his statement. His confused face is adorable, even through the bruises, and that irritates her even more.

“I... still love you?”

“No, the other part,” she says sharply.

“Shepard -”

“You can’t seriously be implying that we were together the whole time I was dead. Or that we were in a relationship while you were only hearing rumours that I was alive.” He’s sitting up now, staring intently at her, his jaw flexing as he processes her protests. “No, Kaidan. The thing with me and Garrus wasn’t infidelity. It was I’m-probably-going-to-die-again-and-the-man-I-love-won’t-talk-to-me sex. And it might not have been a good idea, but it was definitely not cheating.”

She’s done with this conversation, doesn’t want to deal with it anymore, and she turns to the door, intending to make a hasty trip back to the Normandy before she snaps completely. But she doesn’t even manage to unlock the door before Kaidan’s hands are on her shoulders. He pulls her back around to face him and then shoves her against the door. Not hard enough to hurt, just enough to get her attention.

She meets his eyes - those pretty caramel brown eyes - and feels her glare melt away into a look of pouty frustration. His thumbs press into the spots where her collar bones meet her shoulders, and her skin tingles even under her baggy N7 hoodie. His mouth is pressed into a grim line and his breathing’s a little bit ragged, and she can’t help but think that maybe he shouldn’t be standing.

Re: all I've ever learned from love 1/?


all I've ever learned from love 2/3

“Fine,” he says, voice low and quivering with intensity. “Maybe, technically, it wasn’t cheating. But I know how it felt. I know how I felt when I found out, Shepard. Like I’d been punched in the stomach.” He squeezes his eyes closed, like he’s imagining it and the visual won’t go away. “God, the thought of you with him...” His left hand leaves its spot on her shoulder, shifting to her neck so his fingers can curl around her nape and his thumb brushes over her jawline. He leans forward, resting his forehead against hers. Her own stinging eyes flutter closed too, and she swallows against the growing lump in her throat.

“I’m sorry.” She doesn’t mean it to, but it comes out as strained a whisper. “I never meant to hurt you, Kaidan.”

His lips ghost over hers. “I know.” Then he kisses her in earnest.

It’s been so long since he’s touched her like this. She’s missed it. She’s ached for it. It was so different with Garrus. Vakarian is her best friend, and he always will be, and her night with him was exactly what she needed at the time. She’ll never regret that it happened, but Garrus isn’t Kaidan. Kaidan isn’t her friend, not really. Her feelings for him have never been friendly. He’s always been that guy, the one that makes her pulse beat erratically in her veins, the one that can cause a flood of moisture between her legs just by tossing her one of his flirty little half-smirks. The one she thinks about when it’s dark, and she’s alone in her cabin. The one she thought about when she was dying.

Kaidan,” she whispers again. This time her voice is desperate, pleading.

His response just as urgent. “I know.

His mouth finds hers again, hard and hot and wet. He manipulates her lips open for his tongue as her hands come up to grasp his arms. His skin is taut and heated under her fingers, and the warmth is intoxicating. The scent of medigel pervades the room, but she’s close enough that it doesn’t matter -- all she can smell is him, all shampoo and leather and gunpowder. He tastes exactly like she remembers, and his tongue drags across the roof of her mouth and her knees give out a little, just like they did that night before Ilos. God, she’s missed him.

The fingers of his left hand fist in her hair, and his right moves between their bodies - with some difficulty given how she’s clinging to him - to find the zipper on her hoodie. With one quick pull, it’s completely unzipped, and she legs go of him before she can convince herself not to, just so she can tug off the sweater entirely. The air in the room is cold on her skin, but she’s so hot inside the temperature barely registers. The skimpy tank top she’s wearing does little to dull the feeling of his palm as it presses against her breast, especially since her bra is little more than flimsy lace and elastics. Then the pad of his thumb skates over her nipple, and she gasps into his mouth as it pebbles against his touch.

When he breaks their kiss, she’s left panting from a combination of lack of air and burning need. His lips part on her neck, and his breath is hot and moist against her skin, sending an anticipatory shudder down her spine. He gives a low chuckle her reaction, and she, in response, twists his hair in her fingers, tightening her grip just enough to sting. He hisses against the column of her throat, and she smirks. That smirk doesn’t last long, though, because he retaliates by unsnapping her jeans and delving his hand into her panties.

Re: all I've ever learned from love 2/3

just wondering-- is it the author's intent to make Kaidan kind of a dick? his proprietary attitude is creeping me out, but I'm unsure if that's the point?

Re: all I've ever learned from love 2/3

Proprietary isn't really what I'm going for. The way I see it, he's acting a little more abrasive than he usually would because he's upset at the idea of Shep and Garrus together, and because he told her he still loves her and she didn't say it back. The other part of it is that I'm trying to go for a heat-of-the-moment, not-totally-thinking-this-through situation because otherwise I feel like Kaidan would be all "Kay, we're in a hospital, maybe we should not." I might not be pulling that off as well as I'd hoped, which could make him seem like a dick.

Re: all I've ever learned from love 2/3

I think you've captured Kaidan's personality quite well, I can imagine him acting/reacting like this.
Then again I think Kaidan can act a little bit like a dick in the game, not really proprietary, just that tiny bit of unintended selfish male douchery.

Re: all I've ever learned from love 2/3

hahaha He totally can. "I understand why you cheated." pfffffff

DA (Anonymous) Expand
Re: DA (Anonymous) Expand
Re: DA (Anonymous) Expand
Re: DA (Anonymous) Expand
Re: DA (Anonymous) Expand
Re: DA (Anonymous) Expand
Re: DA (Anonymous) Expand
Re: DA (Anonymous) Expand
Re: DA (Anonymous) Expand

all I've ever learned from love 3/4

WHEN HE TOUCHES her, she’s already damp with need, and Kaidan gives a low rumble of approval. It’s been two and a half years since he’s touched her like this, held her like this, and he’s missed it so much. Shepard was dead for two years, and he never got over that. He spent those two years grieving for her, and for what they could have had together. And then he started to hear rumours that she was alive, and he hadn’t... He doesn’t even know if there are names for the feelings he had. Seeing her on Horizon had been both the best and worst day of his life. The best because she was alive, and it wasn’t that she’d been alive the whole time and just not told him, which was something he’d been worrying about ever since the rumours started. The worst because everything he’d imagined doing or saying if he ever saw her again became totally impossible, invalid, once she’d revealed she was working with Cerberus.

But she’s not. Not anymore. Now she’s here, with him. And he’s sure as hell not going let her slip through his fingers. The Reapers are attacking, and they could both be killed at pretty much any moment. If this is the end of days, he’s damn well going to spend the time he has left loving her.

As much as she’ll let him, anyway.

He dips the pad of his middle finger into her, but her panties and her jeans are still around her hips, the fabric binding his hand so he can’t do what he wants to. It’s frustrating, because his thumb itches with the need to press against her clit the way his cock aches to hear her moan.

He’s a little sore, because it’s almost time for another dose of his meds, so when he lowers to his knees in front of her, it’s a little slower than usual. She still tracks him with her eyes the same way she always does, her hips tilting with the pull of her jeans as he drags them, and her panties, down her legs. He licks his lips as she, at his urging, lifts one leg from the denim, pulling her foot from her shoe in the process, and hooks her knee on his shoulder.

Kaidan wastes no time as he opens his mouth over her clit, two fingers sliding into her channel, as hot and tight as he remembers. His tongue flicks at her teasingly, and she bites down on her lower lip, stifling the moan he’s sure is rising in her. He glares a little, and a smirk tugs at the corner of her mouth. His fingers pump smoothly in and out of her, and he waits until she’s lulled into the easy, even rhythm of it to drag his teeth over the flesh covering her clitoris. Her hips buck reflexively, almost throwing him off her, but he manages to recover his rhythm fairly easily.

“Jerk,” she murmurs, and he smiles against the smooth skin on the inside of her thigh.

When he feels her muscles start to clench warningly around his digits, he withdraws, and wipes his fingers off on the seat of his jeans as he stands. Shepard’s cheeks are flushed with impending orgasm, her swollen lips parted and her breath escaping in heated little pants. He probably shouldn’t, because he’s still healing, but he picks her up anyway, and carries her over to his hospital bed, perching her on the edge. Her legs are still wrapped around his waist when he sets her there, and her jeans, hanging off one ankle, swing with the motion of it.

He’s about to let go of her to unsnap his own jeans when she does it for him, reaching into the denim and withdrawing his dick, already fully erect. She gives a stroke up his shaft, and he responds by kissing her, hot, wet, and thorough. After she drags her thumb teasingly over the head of his cock, he pushes her hand away, tilts her hips toward him, and thrusts into her with one slick push.

all I've ever learned from love 4/4

As he plants as far into her as he can get, her head falls back on her shoulders, breaking their kiss so she can give a throaty moan. He transplants his lips to her neck, feeling her pulse beat wildly in the column of her throat. That pulse only speeds up as he finds his rhythm, quick and hard.

He fucks her there, on his bed in Huerta Memorial, and it actually makes getting the shit kicked out of him by a Cerberus robot totally worth it. He’d been pretty sure he’d never get to do this again, first because she’d died, and then because she’d teamed up with Cerberus. He must be the luckiest son of a bitch in Citadel space to be getting another shot with her. Commander Shepard. Saviour of the Citadel.

The Saviour of the Citadel is whispering his name over and over again, like a prayer. He responds in kind, murmuring against her throat -- her name, confessions of love, interspersed with a little dirty talk for good measure. His hand slips between them, his palm splaying over her abdomen as his thumb finds her clit. He strokes it in quick little circles as she clings to his shoulders, rocking her hips into each of his thrusts.

He remembers the sexy groan she gives when she comes a split second before she demonstrates it, barely manages to smother the noise with his mouth in time. She clenches around him, muscles quaking as she rides out the orgasm, and he keeps right on pumping, trying to draw out the sensations as long as he can. Just as hers is subsiding, Kaidan’s own climax racks his body. He holds her tightly as the orgasm washes over him, and when it finally passes he presses a kiss to her sweat-dampened temple.

For a few minutes, he just stands there between her legs, and he suspects she’s using him to keep from flopping back onto the uncomfortable hospital cot. When his breathing returns to normal and he’s pretty sure he can move without his knees giving out, he relaxes a bit, dropping his forehead to her shoulder.

“I should probably go,” she says, her voice soft and regretful.

He’s unable to keep the disappointment from his. “Yeah.”



“I love you, too.”

Re: Femshep/Kaidan

Will definitely be hitting this up with a faithful Shepard, assuming OP is alright with multifills. :-)

Re: Femshep/Kaidan

Not OP but you have at least one anon excited about multifills. :)

Re: Femshep/Kaidan

No, you got two. Or three. Or as much as I can gather in the building :)
I can't get enough of this guy.

Re: Femshep/Kaidan

Good to hear! :-) I started writing it last night.

Re: Femshep/Kaidan

Awesome! You can never have too much Shenko...


My first AA reply, as I've been mulling over Hospital Sex with Kaidan since my first run through. Hope it's alright..

There is Thunder in Our Hearts

It’s hard, looking at the face of the man you love, the man you nearly lost twice now in the course of three years, with dark circles under his eyes, wounds healing about his expressive mouth. She leans in , forearms resting on the mattress of the bed he’s on, listening to his husky voice. There’s no hesitation, now, no suspicion lacing his inflections any longer.

Whatever mistrust he had, has been wiped away with his near death experience. She knows this, subconsciously, as it’s familiar, a sense that perhaps he has an inkling now of what she went through. A instinctual grimace, sudden and sharp, when she recalls that feeling of dismay and upheaval. Last memory before the klaxon blare of warning sirens and Miranda’s voice echoing over the comm was that final gasp for air, and Kaidan’s face.

He pauses, momentarily at the faraway look before it banished.

“Are we going to be able to get past what happened on Horizon?”

Her head drops forward and she feels like her voice is too small when she finally voices the question she’s dreaded since seeing him walk away from her. Even after his letter, the familiar way he danced about the subject but still leaving him an escape route, she knew he still cared for her. It was there, broadcast in certain words - everything pulled hard to port... that night meant everything to me..

There’s an answer in there, somewhere, she hears it and it washes over her, and she’s unsure what he said. She’s silent, and he’s unsure, suddenly, because of the wall that’s suddenly erected about her.

The great and fearless Commander Shepard, who defeated the rogue Spectre Saren, hunted down the Collectors and jumped through the Omega 4 relay to wipe them out… was scared. She’d never admit it, never voice it out loud. But it was there, a ball of anxiety and turmoil in her stomach, all over this man she loved, who she’d been parted from for far too long.

Re: 2/?

He smiled, a brief but it was enough encouragement that she stayed in her seat, willing to wait it out and not bolt towards the exit and tackle anything but her emotions and the way her heart flip flopped because of this man. Give her a geth invasion, hell, stick her on that damned derelict Reaper again with hundreds of bloody husks spilling out in an endless wave, or even the Collector Base, the Human Reaper towering above her, Garrus and Tali, the collectors and Harbinger’s voice ringing out, attempting to whittle away at her resolve. That she could handle, that she could resolve with her Widow and well functioning team behind her.

This? This felt like her whole world was balanced on a knife’s edge, and once, just once, she prayed to Ashley, hell, to Ashley’s God that she could have one simple situation in her life resolved.

That’s when Kaidan shifted towards her, that husky baritone causing her insides to quiver as his hands settled on his stomach. Her focus shifted from those warm eyes, and ended up there. Wouldn’t look up, couldn’t look up into those eyes, not until he gave her an answer.

“As friends, as more than friends, I mean.. I don’t know. I just like having you in my life.”

“So .. How do we fix it?”

“Maybe you should just know that I’m not seeing anyone, and I still care.”


That word escaped her in one breath, even as his hand took hers, pulling across him to hold it there. She felt like a fire has been lit where her skin touched his. Her gaze flickered upwards, met his, and she didn’t wait for him this time.

A squeeze of his broad hand over hers, and she pushed up from where she was seated on the chair, her lips catching his. Gentle, at first, before there was a soft rumble of sigh escaping from him. Her tongue flicked against his lips, teasing, begging for entrance. His mouth parted and the tease of his tongue against hers stirred that familiar ache in her center that felt like it was hardwired to her cunt. There was no resistance, and she felt his weight shift in the bed, and his hand curving about the base of her skull, pinning her there against his lips. A faint upwards hitch at one corner of her mouth, the chuckle escaping her.

“I’m not going anywhere, Major. Not without you.” When she utters those words, he drags her in closer and suddenly there’s too much clothing and not enough privacy in this windowed room with the beautiful view. Any protest is swallowed by the fierce possessiveness of his lips laying claim to hers. They’re both breathing hard, his heart hammering along at a breakneck pace under hers, when he breaks that kiss.

The hand that hers pinned against the hard planes of his stomach releases its grip, curves over her cheek, thumb stroking just under her lip. She meets his gaze, now, wide eyed and no longer scared about what he might’ve said.

“Janie.. I love you. Always have.”

She can feel the smile her mouth forms, unabashed joy at those words. She’s half way on the bed, pinned there but his arms, tip toes on the floor. For a moment, she weights the odds of how quickly she’d be kicked out of Huerta if she stripped, and climbed on top of the Major to celebrate finally leaping over that hurdle. Common sense tells her she'd be interrupted and pulled off faster than a pyjak making off with the last MRE.

Instead, her hand shifts, fingers trailing down the ridges of muscle along his abdomen, before they sidle under the sheet and her hand slips over the rigid length of his cock. It jerks under familiar touch, betraying how much he’s missed her, and his breath catches. She leaned in, captured his mouth again with hers, taking her time with that kiss. A leisurely exploration, tongue against tongue, before fingers shift, slip under elastic and she cups his balls, thumb teasing against the base of his cock.

Re: 2/?

His moan escapes, caught by her mouth, and she shifts, fingers light as they stroke up and over him, thumb light as it rubs against that sensitive head. She remembers how he liked to be touched, how powerful she felt when she could pull so much reaction from him with such a simple thing.

“Shepard… you don’t know how much I ...” Kaidan’s voice has deepened, impossibly so, and there’s a barely restrained wildness to his eyes when her fingers encircle that girth and he bucks upwards, involuntarily, seeking the pleasure she’s giving him. Whatever he was intent on saying is cut short by the throaty groan escaping him.

Her hand tightens just enough on the upstroke as her thumb strokes the head of his cock, before it slides down. The hand at the back of her neck, formerly intent on keeping her lips sealed to his is gone, suddenly, and she’s not paying attention to where until there’s a warm palm under her N7 hoodie curving over her breast. He squeezes, lightly, and she can feel his grin when her own breath catches and she has to pull her lips from his in order to continue the methodical stroking of his gorgeous cock. What she wants is pull the sheet back, yank those briefs down and wrap her lips about him, feel the weight and thrust of Kaidan’s cock in her mouth. It makes her wet thinking about it, and she licks her lips.

Soon, she’ll make that reality.

Pin the Major up against the fishtank, divest him of every article of clothing, before she slides down that hard flesh and takes him in her mouth... but those are plans for later. There’s a hint of wickedness to her smile, now, as Kaidan shifts under her sure touch, hips moving to the pace she’s set, free arm snaking about her waist and pinning her there.

She can feel his fingers biting into her side, and his breath coming in sudden gasps and shudders.

A sudden rough jerk on the tank she’s wearing under her hoodie, exposing her breast to him. Her back arches as fingers tease her nipple into a taut bud, and before it's replaced by the furnace of his mouth. He sucks greedily, pulling on it and she can’t restrain the soft cry of pleasure.

Anyone looking in has to know what they’re doing, and she doesn’t care. Hospital’s busy, she’s Commander Shepard and he’s her lover… it might be that they’re leaving them alone, simply because of that.

Re: 2/?

Her hand slips into those dark curls, as he suckled greedily against her tit, and the pace of his thrusts becomes frantic. Shepard’s hand tightens, and she’s trying to not cry out loudly, catching each noise she’s about to make and nearly swallowing it.

It’s the tell-tale shudder that warns her he’s this close and she’s shifts her hand slightly to cup his balls, before shifting that hand upwards, over the head. Kaidan’s mouth leaves her breast, his face buried into her chest muffling that sudden bellow of release, hips a sudden staccato jerk when he comes.

She keeps her hand curved, catching what she can, hands sticky with his ejaculation. He grins, unabashedly, when he offers her a cloth to clean it away. She kisses him as she shifts her breast back into the tank top he freed it from, unwilling to give any staff a glimpse.

When Shepard comes back to his side, she risked a glance to exterior his room. No one has noticed them, noticed what happened. Fate, it seems, can be kind to those she places a heavy destiny upon. A kiss to his sweaty brow, fingers tease along silver shot black hair and he murmurs endearments to her, before Kaidan’s arm is slung back about her waist, and tightens. His smile is unrestrained, and she holds onto him, breathing him in. When his head shifts, she looks down, and he catches her with a kiss, reminiscent of their first. Hope. Love. Trust. Faith.

The heaviness she didn’t realize she’d been carrying since resurrected is gone, and the universe suddenly doesn’t weight as heavy on her shoulders. He’s been there since the start of this, and will help her shoulder that burden to the end.

The inspiration for this bit of fic..

You don't want to hurt me
But see how deep the bullet lies
Unaware I'm tearing you asunder
Oh there is thunder in our hearts
Is there so much hate for the ones we love
Tell me we both matter don't we
You and me
You and me, you won't be unhappy

And if I only could
I'd make a deal with god
And I'd get him to swap our places
Be running up that road
Be running up that hill
No problems

If only I could..

Come on baby, come on darling
Let me steal this moment from you now
Come on angel, come on, come on darling
Let's exchange the experience

Re: 2/?

That was very sexy and sweet, AA. If that was your first fic here, I am definitely looking forward to more of your writing :)

Re: 2/?

This anon wants to thank you. After reading too many depressing Kaidan prompts the other night, this is exactly what I needed. Very well done! Please write more Kaidan prompts!

Re: 2/?

Thank you to both of you!

I have more circling about in my head, just have to figure out if I want to use my canon Shep or a general Jane Shepard for them. I have an after Thessia falls Shenko plot bunny making it's self at home..

Re: 2/?


there's the other I filled recently..

Re: 2/?

Here from the "You Waited" fic you did - another great fill :) Give us more please! :D

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