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Mass Effect Kink Meme: Mass Effect 3 Prompts


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Heaven Was Full 1/2

It was the last push

He was on the precipice, coming over the wall, and the Reapers came down on them like angry gods. He saw her, ahead, carried away and then it all went black. In that darkness, there was a constant wave of sound, a crackle and voices breaking through.

“Did we get everyone to the beam?”

“Negative, the entire force was dispatched. It’s too much, we need to regroup, get back to the buildings.”

“Hammer’s wiped out. All forces, retreat.”

Kaidan struggles, eyes opening wide, the sky red above him, and the beam just on the edge of his line of sight. Can’t be dead, can’t lose her again. Just kissed her four hour ago, held her, promised she’d be waiting. He fights to get upright and he’d pulled down, back into the black.


It’s like listening to someone scream in the water. Echoing distance and he’s aware, briefly. A nightmare, Ripley running forward and then that blast of light. The noises are overwhelming, but familiar to anyone in a field service hospital – screaming and wailing, shouts for gauze and medi-gel, electronic wails of warning that patients were being lost. It was mass confusion and antiseptic mixed with the metal tang of blood and fear. It was the cold press of scissors against flesh as the undersuit is being cut off that brings him all the way out, and he’s fighting.

Fighting to get up, to get to Shepard. Shepard’s out there, ahead of him, running for the beam…

Can’t be dead. Woman’s too stubborn to be dead.

“Doctor, he’s fighting us and the tube...”

“Sedate him. His lung will collapse if we can’t get it in!”

“KAIDAN! You need to lay still!” Liara’s voice, pleading, familiar and he releases the wrist. Falls back inches but it feels like miles.

Figures wash in and out, and as the adrenaline drops, the pain hits. Weary, the metal under him a relief and he drifts on that wave of shock. Canvas over head shifts, moves, his focus stays there until the drug kicks in and it’s blissful retreat.

Ripley. You promised. Come back to me.


Everything blurs together, when he wakes up again. Stiff, aching, too fucking tired to even contemplate moving. Stares for a long time at the wall of the room he’s in, trying to figure out where he is.

Nurse comes in, smiles nervously, and leaves him a glass full of ice chips. Moments later, Hackett arrives.

He doesn’t like the feeling that settles in his middle with Hackett there. Takes him a bit to get the words out, a rough croaking stutter, but the Admiral’s patient as the nurse spoons ice into his mouth.

“Reapers are dead. Report says you got lucky, Major.”


Silence fills the space and he turns away from Hackett, brown eyes gaze focused on the wall.

“She made it onto the Citadel. We’re still looking... Haven’t found her or Anderson yet, but it’s still possible she’s alive, Major.”

There’s weariness in Hackett’s tone, and Kaidan shifts, turning his head to look at him again. Hackett’s aged a lifetime since he boarded the Normandy SR2, and gave the order for the fleets to move out. That final push and despite the Admiral being there, he placed his hand against Ripley’s back, just over her spine. Needed to touch her, feel that tremor of readiness and the crackle of power coursing through her.

“We’ll get her back, Major.”

“Aye, aye, sir.”

Re: Heaven Was Full 2/2

Ripley closed the space between them, a flash of determination and steely resolve in her voice. He stilled, his throat tight at the look in her warm brown eyes. Remembers the feel of her body under his, the sweetness of her lips and the kiss she gave him when she rose to dress. He hears the catch in her voice, but she says it with such conviction, he can’t help but believe it.

“When this is over, I’m going to be waiting for you. You’d better show up.”

Has to. When Shepard says things in that tone, with that look, they happen. Whole entire fucking universe has learned this, which is why the sky above them is full of every fleet in the universe she has convinced, pressured and bullied into fighting.

Keep your promise, baby. I’m here, waiting for you. Come home to me.


Held to the bed by medical red tape, again... she’d laugh, to see him like this. He left the bottle of whiskey in her cabin from that last night, and he could do with its healing properties.

Lung and ribs are mending. His arm aches, where it the radius was nearly shattered from the force of the being thrown back.

Not by the beam, but by Ripley according to a corporal who another survivor from Hammer. Tossed more than a few of the Hammer team ass over teakettle, most of it focused on Kaidan. Just like her, to save his ass while running towards danger herself.

A frown, knowing that Javik didn’t survive to make it to the last move forward towards the final confrontation to reach the beam - the last Prothean had sacrificed himself to protect their six as Harbinger descended to defend.
All is not lost, according to Liara. They’ve managed to enter the Citadel, and a search for Shepard and Anderson has begun. There are rumors in the hallways between the staff about the body count, millions of dead within the Citadel, before they’re hushed by those in charge.

He isn’t sure how long it’s been, no one will tell him.

Days, maybe, or even weeks, possibly.

He drifts, healing slowly, dreaming of her as the hours tick past. Waits for her.


It’s been a week and four days since Shepard destroyed the Reapers.
Not that time matters, not here. The room’s white and light is glaring off the surfaces, and something prods her every ten minutes. She doesn’t pay attention the first few times, until she tries to roll away from whoever keeps jabbing her and discovers one of those creepy ass Keepers above her, moving her.

She tries to swear, to strike it, and her arm flops uselessly, twitching. A startled gurgle boils up, pain lances through her and everything goes white, again.

It’s the sound of people yelling over her, of feet and the disconcerting feeling of moving that wakes her next. Anxious, she comes up, fighting the drugs in her system, and she wonders is this is what a flashback feels like. Miranda is talking, and then looking down at her, a disembodied voice yelling that the sedatives aren’t working, before she sinks back into that haze.

When she comes out of it the second time, there’s no klaxon call of warning and Miranda shouting at her to get up, get dressed and find a gun. Silence, mostly, and the sound of people.

Her eyes drift closed and she wets her lips tentatively, listening.

Fingers brush over her palm, down her wrist. Hand’s lifted, palm brought against the familiar feel of a five o’clock shadowed cheek, before his lips dust over her pulse. A breath, slow and deep, and she smiled. Fuck, it hurt to smile.

“Shepard.” Kaidan’s voice cracks midway, and she felt a wetness against her thumb, then down her palm. There’s a prickle at her eyes, tight and hot, then tears course down her cheeks. Ripley can feel them falling on chest, the shudder of relief that he's alive. She’s crying, like some child with a skinned knee.

“Told you I’d be here, Major.”

His lips are salty with their tears, when he kisses her.

Re: Heaven Was Full 2/2

Yes. Bioware, I reject you ending and accept Ripley!Anon's.

Re: Heaven Was Full 2/2

A!A here - Ending was BADNESS.
All fixed now. LOL

Re: Heaven Was Full 2/2


"Fixed the ending now, ur welcum biowaer"

Loved it, a!a. So many feels.

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