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Mass Effect Kink Meme: PART VIII

"We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, the kink meme will endure."


Post your requests anonymously, and fill any prompts that catch your eye. We’re not picky around here; anything goes. Fanart or fanfic, het, femslash, slash, threesomes and moresomes, or just gen-fic; as long as it’s part of the Mass Effect universe, there’s a place for it here.

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Tiny Creature

Ok, hope it pleases. Just a little bit of angst and a little bit of cute. Cowl Cuddling will come later, promise.

It was raining. But then what was it the humans were saying? “It always rains in London.” Garrus looked out over the piles of ash and rubble that used to be a city block. He listen to the soft pat and ping as the gentle rain hit the metal and stone, creating tiny rivers as the rain drops converged to wash away the residue of war. It was beginning to get dark, and most of the rescue party had departed to take a brief rest. James had mentioned trying to locate any working flashlights so that some could continue to look for survivors on the debris field. Garrus couldn’t rest if he wanted to. The intensity of the situation held him in a choke hold. Less than 24 hours ago he had pulled Shepard’s limp body out from the wreckage here. Somehow she had done it. Somehow that incredible woman had beaten all of the odds, again, and had saved the entire Spirits damn galaxy. She was badly burned. She had taken a nearly direct hit from the Reaper beam and some of her armor had melted and fused on to her skin. Fortunately her helmet had saved her skull from being cursed as the rubble fell around and on top of her. She was barely breathing when he found her. He wasn’t even sure she knew where she was or what had happened. All he could do was act on instinct as he grabbed her up and rushed her to the make-shift triage center. It had happened so fast. He had come in shouting for help and the medics had rushed over and taken her way from him. He tried to stay with her but they forced him out. A transport was ordered and she was taken to the nearest hospital, but Garrus had been left behind, left behind with a hole in his heart.
The rain was falling harder now and the wind had picked up. Thunder rumbled and the rain began to drum against the ground. He raised his face to the sky, letting the rain pelt against his plates. He closed his eyes, squeezing them tight, trying to push down the pain and emptiness that was threatening to take him over. Garrus stood there for a while, letting the cold rain wash over him, and the monotonous drum of the rain drown out his thoughts.
From behind him, faint high pitched squeak penetrated the hum of the rain and interrupted Garrus’ somber meditation. He turned his head to listen for it again.
“mew” it rasped
Garrus turned and followed the sound, his keen ears directing him through the rain and dark.
The sound lead Garrus to a pile of light rubble that may have possibly been furniture at one point. “mew.” Gently he lifted a few pieces of metal and wood. “Mew.” There huddled against the rubble was a tiny animal of some sort. Its body was covered in orange fur, which was covered in grey soot. It had four legs, tiny round feet and a tail almost as long as its entire body. Two large pointed ears sat atop its round head, and two large, watery, amber colored eyes looked up at Garrus through the dark.
“Hello.” Garrus rumbled
“Meoww!” The creature cried as it stood and took a tentative step towards the turian. Garrus slowly crouched down and gingerly extending his right hand towards the animal stopping a few inches from the creature’s nose. It sniffed the tip of the gloved finger then, much to Garrus’s surprise, began to rub and nuzzle his hand. Garrus heard a faint rumble and could feel the tiny animal’s neck gently vibrating. Purring, he thought. This is what Shepard said I did, when content, I purred. “So that must mean, you are a baby…cat.” He said outloud.
“Mew.” Replied the creature

Re: Tiny Creature

OP here,

I need it. I need more of it. Give me all of the angst and all of the adorable-ness.

But in all seriousness,

You did a great job of keeping Garrus in character. Really drive that and make that your focus. As much as I rant, rave, and demand, cute-ness and angst. It's only great when it's in character. So keep up the good work!

Re: Tiny Creature

Garrus found Ser Pounce-a-Lot... :O

This is a very nice start, A!anon! I'm looking forward to reading more!

Re: Tiny Creature

*melts from cute*

Re: Tiny Creature

OMG I'm a cat person and I'm a melted puddle of happiness right now. Please more!

Tiny Creature 2/?

“Are you all alone?” Garrus asked the tiny creature.

“mew.” It softly responded

“Yeah, me too.”

Thunder clapped and the creature huddled back against the rubble. Garrus was still for a moment not wanting to frighten the fuzzy thing any further. He carefully reached out and gently clasped his large hand around the animal’s delicate body. It tensed slightly but did not try to run. Garrus slowly withdrew his hand and arm from the rubble. With his free hand he reached into a pocket on his armor and pulled out a moderately clean rag he used to wipe down his scope. Clutching the animal to his body, and sheltering if from the rain with the rag, Garrus steadily rose from his crouch and turned to walk toward the direction of the base camp.

“Any word.” Garrus asked as he ducked into dilapidated building they were using as an outpost.

“No, nothing” replied Liara as she turned from the make-shift comm. station. “We still can’t get any communications outside of the immediate broadcast range. I’m sorry Garrus”

“What you got there, Scars?” asked Lieutenant Vega as he came in behind Garrus, a flashlight in his hand.

“It’s…uh…I…found it.” Garrus answered softly. He pulled back the rag to reveal the small ball of dirty orange fuzz. It mewed and blinked as it looked around its new surroundings.

“Is that…a kitten? gasped Liara as she took a step toward him.

“It was all alone, I couldn’t leave it.” His voice was hushed

“Gee Scars, I never took you for a softy.” Liara shot Vega a look

“Hmm…yeah…” said Garrus quietly. There was something dark and distant in the turian’s eyes that kept James from making one of his usual cracks. Or perhaps it was the “I’ll flay you with my mind” look Liara was giving him. Instead he cleared his throat.

“I..uh…bet the little guy is hungry.” James said awkwardly

“What” Garrus asked

“Well since it looks like he has most of his teeth, I would bet he could handle some mashed up levo protein ration.” said Liara steeping forward. “Would you like for me to get you one?”

“I don’t want to take a ration away from someone who may need it.” Garrus replied quickly
“Don’t worry, we have plenty. One ration will probably last this little guy a whole week.” Liara quickly crossed the room to a stack of weather proof crates that held the food rations.

Silently Garrus walked over to a cot set up in the corner of the room and sat down with his back to the wall. Holding the kitten in his left hand and the gun rag in his right, he slowly but diligently began to clean the soot and dirt from the animal’s fur. James stared in bewilderment. The image of a large, spiky, scar covered alien lovingly tending to a kitten was a bit more than his human mind could handle. He walked over to where Liara was looking through the food containers.

“Do you think it’s a good idea for him to have that?” he asked skeptically “He isn’t going to like, go loco and eat it, is he?” Liara rolled her eyes and turned to watch Garrus.

“He could use the distraction, James. I’m positive not knowing how Shepard is doing is affecting him on a deep emotional level.”

“I always thought turians were “all business”, it’s weird seeing him like this.”

“Well, Garrus always said he wasn’t a very good turian.” Across the room she noticed the slight turian smile on Garrus’ face. The tiny kitten was batting playfully at the corner of the gun rag.

“Shepard told me once, ‘Garrus has a heart almost as big as his ego.’ I think that’s why she fell for him.” Liara let out a small laugh as she continued. “They are so similar. Shepared and Garrus both feel such a strong personal responsibility to protect the innocent.” Liara’s expression turned solemn and she lowered her head. “I know how much they have relied on each other throughout this whole mess. It’s always been the two of them, fighting against the odds. Shepard and Vakarian, were a team…are a team.” Liara sighed heavily “She keeps getting taken away from him, James, its heart breaking.” She raised her head to look at Garrus. The kitten was now batting gently at his mandibles, mesmerized at the movement they made as Garrus laughed. “So, if taking care of this kitten gives him a little peace, then so be it. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.”

Re: Tiny Creature 2/?

That last paragraph. Right in the feels man. ;____;

Re: Tiny Creature 2/?

OMG! “He isn’t going to like, go loco and eat it, is he?”
That is like my favorite line of all time right there.

It may just be the lack of sleep, but this story has given me all sorts of feels. ^_^

Re: Tiny Creature 2/?

OP here,

That last paragraph was a brilliant summation of their relationship. More please!

Re: Tiny Creature 2/?

A!A here: Thank for all the encouragement lovely anons! I haven't abandon you, I just am simultaneously working on three different stories right now. I apologize that this one is a bit less polished than I would like, but I wanted to post it sooner rather than later. I have at least two more installments outlined right now and as soon as I can get Jimmy Vega out of my brain I'll get this one finished up.

Re: Tiny Creature 2/?


Is there any way to bring filter out the stories that you wrote on this website. I enjoy your work, but am new to this site.


Re: Tiny Creature 2/?

Here is a link to my work so far. Thanks for the interest. It gives me smiles :)

Re: Tiny Creature 2/?

I hope you haven't forgotten about this. I look forward to reading more if you decide to write it.

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