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Mass Effect Kink Meme: Mass Effect 3 PART II

Post your requests anonymously, and fill any prompts that catch your eye. We’re not picky around here; anything goes. Fanart or fanfic, het, femslash, slash, threesomes and moresomes, or just gen-fic; as long as it’s part of the Mass Effect universe, there’s a place for it here.


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The Night Before Ilos 1/?

He picked her up and pushed her against the desk, scattering datapads onto the floor. She pushed back eagerly, not caring about the reports she needed to file, the regulations they were breaking, or the fact that if not for the possible end of the galaxy this would definitely be the riskiest career- no- life decision that she had ever made. She didn’t care about any of that. All that she cared about was the fact that he wanted her. That he smelled like aftershave and just a hint of coffee, and that when he pulled away his eyes betrayed an intensity that said he wanted this just every bit as much as she did.

And he smiled. God. He smiled. Not that small, shy smile of his that had taunted her so many times during informal debriefings and on missions when she absolutely should not have found his dry commentary so amusing. But rather a genuine wide-mouth grin, one that screamed satisfaction and hinted at just a touch of mischievousness.

Not that either of them doubted where this was going. His hands were at her waist, slowly but surely gathering up fabric. She felt her shirt come un-tucked from her uniform pants, and his warm, slightly calloused fingers make contact with her skin. A sharp inhale gave away just how long it had been since she’d last felt skin-to-skin contact of this kind. He grinned into her mouth, their teeth nearly clinking, and she took the opportunity to devote attention to his jaw-line, hands grasping at the nape of his neck and tangling in the coarse, wavy hair there as she traced the strong angles to an earlobe. A flick of her tongue elicited a gasp from him and she declared a small, self-satisfied victory.

She pulled back, allowing him to help her out of her shirt, and with a somewhat excessive flourish she grabbed at it once it was past her head and threw it across the room. Screw being coy. Not that she was usually one to play so, but the last thing she wanted was for him to think that this was a game. He was grinning again, and she caught herself wanting to say so many things –

I want you.

I need you.

I love you.

And the last thought almost took her by surprise as she stared into large brown eyes that had suddenly turned serious during her momentary pause. She stared back, hesitant. She loved him. Oh god, she really loved him. The sentiment had managed to sneak up slowly over the past few months and she hadn’t ever really allowed herself to stop and think about it before just now. It still felt was far too soon to voice the thought, but sure enough, she felt that all consuming want and need and giddiness that went above and beyond just standard lust. This man made her feel things that she hadn’t felt in far too long.

She watched his eyebrows furrow in concern. “What’s wrong?” His voice was heady, but she had no doubt that he’d pull away if she asked him to.

She smiled back at him, eyes bright. “Absolutely nothing.” She took a moment to savor his matching smile before making a grab for his shirt, intent on evening their respective states of undress. He happily obliged her. Her hand perched tentatively at his waist before quickly tracing the muscle groups in his chest and arms as he reached up to help her rid him of his shirt.

The Lieutenant had quite the pair of biceps, but what interested her more were those strong, well-defined shoulders of his. She raked short, clipped nails over them and toward his back, pulling him closer, and he murmured her surname into her ear.

For some reason, that just made her even wetter.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 2/?

His fingers were at the back of her bra now, playing with the fastenings. She laughed when he grunted in frustration, unable to do the clasp one-handed and forcing him to abandon the comfortable position that his left hand had taken at the small of her back. One strap had already managed to slip off of her shoulder, so she had to do but a perfunctory dance to rid herself of the garment once he finally managed to undo the clasps.

He marveled for a moment in appreciation and she would have made a sarcastic comment if she didn’t find it both simultaneously endearing and embarrassing—and if his mouth hadn’t moved immediately to the crook of her neck, pressing a trail of soft, wet kisses from there to the underside of her breast. A small moan escaped her lips, and that was all the encouragement needed to devote attention to her nipple, his smooth, hot tongue flickering quickly against the rapidly hardening tissue. It granted him another well-earned gasp, this time eliciting his name in two drawn out syllables.


At once it was both a question and a plea. Why are you doing that? Why don’t you do that some more? Why don’t we always do this, now and for forever? Sure, she had already chucked most of her inhibitions out the window, but now, only now, was she realizing just how infrequently she relinquished control and how wonderfully satisfying it could be.

A few more flicks of his tongue and her eyelids started fluttering in rapid succession.

He pulled away and she tamped down on the urge to cry out—lucky, for his mouth made contact with the underside of her breast again, then her ribcage, then her waist, and then right above the ridge of her pants.

Why was she still wearing pants?

His mind seemed to mirror the same question because he immediately began tugging at them, and she quickly moved to the edge of the desk in response. He traced the inside of her belt with his fingers and found the fastening there, making quicker work of it than he had the bra. She pushed off the desk and shimmied to allow the pants to fall, only to be surprised to find his arms grabbing underneath her buttocks to place her right back onto the desk’s surface.

Her eyes flicked to the bed, and she opened her mouth to protest, but his mouth went immediately to the inside of her thigh, his eyes still staring up at her.


Soft kisses met sensitive flesh and she felt her insides stirring, well – more than stirring – they were on fire, all hot moisture and desire. And he was teasing her with the sweet, soft movements of his mouth on her inner leg. He grew increasingly less innocent as he made his way further up her thigh, grazing over the small mound still hidden by a layer of traitorous cotton, skipping upward to kiss the bottom of her abdomen right where it met the positively evil piece of fabric.

She bucked her hips impatiently and he had the audacity to smirk as he peeled the black standard-issue bottoms off of her.

There was a moment of coldness, a second of awkwardness where she found herself wondering if he approved and another voice in her head that wasn’t so used to be so meek tried to shout fuck him, if he doesn’t, but the inner turmoil was for naught because Kaidan’s head was already back between her legs. If she was capable of processing any further rational thought, the only thing that would have come to mind was Yes.

She spread her legs open wider, arms thrust back to balance herself upright and he found the small nub and a complementary rhythm quickly then.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 2/?

oh jeez, this is really hot, A!A. I LOVE IT.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 2/?

Why would you just leave us there, anon? CRUEL.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 3/?

She felt herself relinquishing control again, head thrown back, his first name on her lips in a chant that started slowly. After a minute or so she found herself breathing out his name at alarming rate, sounding less like a prayer and more like begging. She glanced down to catch that mischievous glint in his eyes again. His tongue slowed, twirling in large motions, locked in a near-miss pattern with the exact spot where she wanted it to be, and she thought to herself, he knows, but couldn’t manage to summon any anger to the frustration. A hand slinked over her thigh and he worked a finger through her folds, slowly, softly—but then it slipped in completely and she found herself wanting nothing more than for him – all of him – to be inside her, filling her completely.

Traitor! Her clit hissed. But Kaidan had other ideas, and he worked his finger back and forth, in and out as his tongue returned, dancing among the folds of her inner labia before returning attention to that small bundle of nerves again. She was fairly certain his index finger was working a come-hither motion inside her, but even if it wasn’t, it may well have been for the response it was eliciting. A second finger slipped in practically unnoticed because she was too busy pushing back against his tongue now, hips rising and falling to provide more resistance – more, surface-to-tongue – more anything.

His fingers slid out suddenly and strong hands pushed her down before grasping her from behind and closer to his mouth. She tried to wriggle free, to cry no, don’t stop, do more of that, before realizing that he knew exactly what he was doing as strong waves started to build inside her while he focused on just that one spot.

She cried out to a God she didn’t believe in, and Kaidan’s tongue flicked deeply, quickly inside her, bringing her right to the edge and crashing down over it. A deep inhalation gave way to a long exhale, her eyes fluttering and closing as she shuddered deeply, slipping, sliding forward on the desk, her body twitching as he continued his ministrations. She had about a half second of pure bliss that seemed to last an eternity before the thundering of her heart reached her ears and her thighs clamped down on him, begging him to stop before she could form the words to vocalize it. Luckily, he took the cue and pulled away cautiously, raising a hand to wipe at his lips.

She stared up the ceiling of her cabin, barely supporting herself with her elbows, her forearms flat against the desk, fingers still gripped around the edge of it. Long, deep breaths escaped her open mouth. He stood up, his face swimming into her view and it took her a moment to gather her wits before she realized that he was studying her with a barely contained smirk.

“You.” She panted accusingly, lips curving into a smile. “You are spectacular.”

He reached out a hand to stroke her cheek. “I aim to please, ma’am.”

She found her breath again and chortled, “Oh no, no more of that.”

He looked bemused and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear. “Of what?”

“No ranks, no honoraries, no games. I just want you.”

He chuckled softly. “As if there’s any doubt as to what I want.” She looked down and noticed the prominent bulge in his uniform pants. Getting hard going down on her? Oh, he was definitely a keeper. Her energy renewed by his excitement, she pushed herself upright and grabbed for his belt, pulling him closer. He nipped at her earlobe distractingly as she attempted to remove his belt and pants. Over eagerly, her fingers reached through the open fly, only to be obstructed by yet another layer of fabric. No, this wouldn’t do. He was still wearing far too much clothing.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 3/?

“You.” She panted accusingly, lips curving into a smile. “You are spectacular.”

Yes, you are, Kaidan. Yes, you are * rape face *

This anon loves your steamy descriptions, a!a! Can't wait for more!

Re: The Night Before Ilos 3/?

A!A here. You all are making me blush more than I did when I was writing it. Glad you enjoy it!

Re: The Night Before Ilos 4/5

She hopped off the desk, bare feet touching cold floor, and only then did she realize just how naked and exposed she was. He caught her and held her body against his, rocking her slowly back and forth as he nuzzled her neck and then drew her into another kiss. Oh, he is so warm, she thought happily as her hands dug behind the band of his pants and pushed them over the curve of his ass. They fell to the floor and he laughed at himself as he fought to step out of them, giving her the break she needed to escape his embrace and slide to her knees, grabbing the elastic band of his underwear and dragging it down carefully with her.

“Shepard—” he gasped as she delicately grasped the base of his cock. She shot him a satisfied look before working her thumb up the length of his shaft, and he closed his eyes and shuddered in response. Oh, she’d have him screaming her name by the end of the night. Her fingers still working him softly, she took a moment to admire the view. Alenko had a pretty cock. She tamped down on the urge to laugh mirthfully at her good fortune. A dab of precum started to form at the tip and she worked it down the underside, fingers gripping him more tightly and flowing back and forth more quickly with the added lubricant.

His eyes opened, looking down to meet hers, and she decided to take him into her mouth then, her lips and tongue sliding over and under smooth, sticky-salty skin. The look on his face was priceless. She bobbed and teased him for a few moments before reaching her hands to his ass to provide more leverage – but he grabbed at her wrist before it could make it there and she halted, staring up at him in surprise. His face was dark and intense and he was staring at her as if she was prey.

His fingers loosened, slipping from her wrist to palm, and he pulled her up gently from the floor until they were at eye-level again. For a moment, there was silence, and they stared into each other’s eyes. Then he broke into that smile again and his arm was at her waist, wrapping her into another kiss, his sex warm and hard against her abdomen.

Oh. She kissed back—at first sweetly, but then long and hard, fighting to move them across the cabin. The bed in sight, she pushed him back and he acquiesced, falling cautiously onto the mattress.

He positioned himself further back and she stared unabashedly, enjoying the sight of him on her bed as she moved closer. A smile on her lips, she lowered herself to him, slinking slowly over his legs and torso until they were face to face. Her body had barely made contact with his before she felt a strong hand at her back, rolling them deftly so that she was underneath him.

He paused, giving her that same small smile she had loved since – when? The Normandy’s commissioning? Waking up in the med bay? Their first time on the Citadel? Her train of thought was derailed quickly as he roped her into another languorous kiss and she sighed contentedly into his mouth. After a moment he pulled away hesitantly, pushing his body weight off of her. She found it kind of adorable that he hesitated at all, and so she smiled and reached down to guide him into her.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

He pushed in slowly but she still gasped as he filled her, a sharp, satisfying feeling overcoming her. It had been a long time - too long since she had been with anyone, never mind someone who actually meant something. She was tight and wet and full of wanting.

He moved slowly, cautiously, one arm holding her and the other propping him up. She closed her eyes and let herself focus on the sensations hitting her – her body still full of pleasant warmth and tingles from earlier. She let her hips rise, wrapping her legs around his waist and he increased his pace. Their bodies met and separated, the angle growing greater, each time sending a shiver of longing through her. She wanted him, more of him. Her inner muscles contracted, and he gasped, burying his face in her neck. He kissed her softly, still working back and forth slowly, and it took her a moment to realize that he had murmured her name – her given name- into her ear.

He said it again. And again, his mouth reaching up towards hers as he pushed in deeply. She wrapped her arms around his neck, hands grasping at his hair, and he reached a hand underneath her bottom, pushing her up to meet him. She let one set of nails rake across his shoulder in response, pulling him closer. He was working them quickly now, hard, fast strokes in and out and she felt a familiar itch reappearing, selfishly crying out again.

God, yes. “Kaidan, yes!”

She couldn’t catch her breath, thoughts focused on that ache, her breath short between moans. He said her name again and again, and she thought to herself I can die happy now, knowing that she had managed to provide this much contentment in another human being. He pushed back harder and she bucked under him, trying to meet his exertions. She ached all over, a good feeling for the most part, but the muscles in her stomach were cramping from lack of oxygen. Deep breaths, she tried to tell herself, but her body was greedy and her mind too wrapped up the in the sounds of their pleasure to make room for control.

He kissed her again, moaning softly into her mouth before pulling away, picking up the pace again, and she found that this time their bodies had found the perfect angle. Each time he pushed deeper into her he managed to hit that spot again and again and she found herself gasping, her hands abandoning his back and gripping the sheets, pushing her body up to meet his each time.

Kaidan. Kaidan. “Kaidan!” The last was said aloud, a plea and a warning as a slow shake started through her, the itch scratched, waves of pleasure cascading through her once more. Her grip on the sheets loosened, her entire body shivering and then relaxing as he continued to drive into her.

Her pleasure set him off, and he cried out her name again, his strokes hitting faster and harder until suddenly he slowed and she felt him come, warmth spilling inside her. He rocked them back and forth slowly as he finished before collapsing into her, his face buried in her neck once more.

They lay there for a moment, his heart beating wildly against her breast, her own breathing still long and heavy. She reached her hand around him, tangling her fingers in his hair and stroked him softly as she stared up at the ceiling of her cabin. He breathed out deeply, tickling her neck, and pushed himself up to meet her eyes.

She smiled at him and he smiled back, his fingers tracing her chin and pulling her into one more kiss.

Whatever happened tomorrow, they would always have tonight.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

I never wanted this to end. You've got a real way with words, anon. Phew.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

:D Thanks! This was actually my first time writing smut so I'm kind of surprised that it worked out at all.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

"Oh, he is so warm, she thought happily"

Be still, my heart.

"Each time he pushed deeper into her he managed to hit that spot again and again and she found herself gasping, her hands abandoning his back and gripping the sheets, pushing her body up to meet his each time."

Be still, my clit.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

It's comments like these that REALLY make me happy I'm a part of this internet community. ;__; You guys really do understand me.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

Oh A!A, you wonderful, beautiful creature. This is just- UNF.

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

OP here.

Dying, anon. Dying. Thank you!

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

OMG THIS WAS PERFECT!! Does a!a have any other stories, because you are talent!!

Re: The Night Before Ilos 5/5

Oh my heavens, this is so awesome!!! I can imagine them singing 'I just had sex, and it felt so good!' after this, wow!

No wonder Shep was so determined to save the world after that! xD Congrats A!A!!!

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