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Mass Effect Kink Meme: Mass Effect 3 PART II

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Moments of Happiness 1/?

AN: Kaidan PoV of The Benefits (

From the very first moment he saw her, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met.

She was, of course, the Alliance's darling, their go-to girl. With a Council Spectre on the Normandy and the shakedown cruise ticking over nicely, she was almost a routine pick-up from the Arcturus. Their new executive officer only caused a brief stir as she walked through the airlock. She was dressed in a customised set of Onyx armour, a kit bag slung over one shoulder. Classically pretty, the face of someone who was going to find herself used on posters no matter what she did. He noticed the scar on her cheek, hairline thin and deep, undoubtedly a life-threatening injury at some point and he wondered if it was there to remind people she was a soldier after all. He noticed that a few strands of her hair was escaping its tight coif at the back. He noticed the tiniest swath of eyeliner on her eyelids, the way her form fitting armour tucked in at her waist and flared over her hips, the way she scanned the bridge with wide, calculating eyes.

Kaidan greeted her with a salute that she returned sharply, but then she gave him a dazzling smile. There was a thump in the back of his head, that place where he visualised his biotics, where the kill and the fight was. The part of him that said pay attention to this, this could kill you.

He'd heard of her, seen her in news vids, but she was always so serious in them, extolling the virtues of peace and love with a naive farmgirl sincerity that made marines laugh and joke just in case anyone thought they might be moved by her speeches. He had always assumed she would be the same porcelain statue of a woman off camera too.

"Lieutenant," she greeted him, extending a gauntleted hand to shake. "Where can I stow this?" and she bounced the well-worn kit bag on her shoulder. A faded N7 patch on the side was the only reminder that this woman might be able to kill the crew of the Normandy with her mind if she fancied it.

"This way, ma'am," he said, guiding her to the lockers. "Were you on Arcturus long?"

"Barely made the connection," she told him, following him with surprisingly light feet in her armour. She sounded a little irritated by that, but she gave him another smile when he glanced back at her. Her eyes lingered on the galaxy map, on every crewman who saluted her. She was thinking constantly.

The tjump in his hindbrain wanted to test her, to see if she lived up to the reputation she had. "Anywhere nice?" he asked as they reached the lockers. When she bent down to cram her bag into the locker, he quickly averted his gaze from the well rounded ass that was defined very nicely in her armour.

"Classified," she responded, closing the locker. She stood with her arms folded and stared him down, stony-faced. This was the kind of 'classified' that accompanied sudden-death reports on the news. The thump at the base of his skull was back. He opened his mouth to apologise and she cracked up, giggling like a schoolgirl. Relief poured over him. She brought herself back under control. "I'm kidding, lieutenant! God, you're easy."

"And I haven't even had a drink," he said before he could stop himself, "uh, ma'am." Blood rushed to his cheeks.

Her eyebrows shot upwards and she pressed her lips together like she was trying to keep back an explosive laugh. He winced and she dissolved into stifled, inelegant snorts of laughter. "Sorry," she managed through wheezing. "For that, lieutenant, you can call me Shepard."

"I . . . think I'm needed on the bridge," he offered, beating a hasty retreat while his heart thumped. He could still hear the sound of her laughter as he headed for Joker.

He was going to have to get over this little crush damned quick. No matter how damned beautiful she was. Or how nice her ass was in that armour. Talk about having someone's six. He passed Nihlus and the turian gave him a curious look, no doubt wondering why he was so red in the face.

Well, if he was right about Nihlus's inclusion on the shakedown cruise, he wouldn't have to worry about bumping into Shepard too often.

Moments of Happiness 2/?

The second time he saw her for the first time . . .

God she was beautiful. How had he forgotten that? Even as she swiped her hand over the purple goo that had somehow matted her hair. The krogan at her side was bleeding from a scratch on his arm and she was fussing over the damned thing, and what's more, it was letting her.

So he could get closer as that stupid, pig-headed mechanic ran up, swearing and shouting at her.

A thousand thoughts ran through his head. He was dead. She was alive. She was real. She was not. The scar on her cheek, that face he had thought he had memorised and yet felt slipping away from every day . . .

He wanted, more than he'd ever wanted anything, to hold her in his arms and to remember her smell. He'd once spent a day in the wards just searching for whatever soap she used that made her smell like she did. He'd never found it. It was just her.

So he went, he saw her face light up when he stepped around the crates, the way her wide eyes crinkled at the edges. His heart contracted and ached, my baby is hurting. At the very back of his skull, he felt a thump. She shouldn't be here. She should be dead.

Their armour clinked as they embraced, the slight frazzle of residual barrier energy tainting the air with ozone. Her arms were strong around him, resisting his move to pull away, and her face turned in towards his neck. That smell was all her, blood and guts and fight and something that locked around his guts and refused to let go.

But she wasn't real. She couldn't be real. She didn't even have her scar. Miracles didn't happen. And his girl would never work for Cerberus. She who used to sit up late with him and debate the finer points of the First Contact War, whether Blasto movies were exploitative or just good fun. She who could get so riled when he played devil's advocate about the genophage, who would apologise with a touch of her hand and a heavy lidded look and later with lips and tongue and fingertips on his skin.

Control chips or manipulation, brought back wrong or just . . .

"I could use someone like you on my crew, Kaidan. It would be just like old times."

He wasn't deaf to the note of pleading in her voice, or numb to the way it plucked at a chord that led from his throat to his groin, setting his whole body ringing.

That voice could sooth injured feelings when it was just the two of them in a mess hall and their debates had grown too heated.

But this was no mess hall in the Normandy, and no hypothetical debate about ideals and necessity.

Still, her voice echoed in his head long after he left Horizon. He found himself sniffing Alliance issue soap, calling up newsreels of her on his omnitool, listening out with half an ear to any stories of a rogue Spectre in the Terminus systems. He wrote and rewrote an email and finally sent it when he was drunk and Leigh threw herself at him on the Citadel.

He'd gently pushed Leigh away, patted her back when she began to cry about how she knew she could never live up to a God damned saint. He guided her back to her flat, made her coffee and returned to his own apartment with a thumping headache.

If Shepard was alive, he was hers. It was a law of the universe. If Cerberus brought her back right, she would still be his girl.

That one, he wasn't so sure about.

Re: Moments of Happiness 2/?

Oh Damn, this is good!

I can't believe how much emotion you shove into such little scenes. I loved the first one, all awkward attraction and simple flirting. And the second one is so heartbreaking. I love all your little details like Shepard's scar and Kaidan's search for her soap. I can't wait for more.

Moments of Happiness 3/?

The third time he saw her for the first time she was huddled up in a N7 hoodie with the hood pulled up and her head bowed low. But no one else walked like that and he wasn't expecting another N7 guest to his bedside today, or any other day for that matter.

Udina lingered for a moment to greet her and she tilted her head back, the hood falling from her head to reveal a pale, drawn face with dark circles under her eyes.

Still beautiful enough to make him blurt out the first inane thought that entered his mind. "You just missed snack time, probably a good thing . . ."

Her smile was wan and she seemed to hesitate before she pulled up a stool. Her smile steadied, she steadied, his girl recovering from whatever had just shaken her. The way she talked, the way she moved, he felt warm and secure, a man who been given another chance at life shouldn't be afraid of anything.

When he cracked the joke about being tied to the bed, her eyes flashed with something that was very much alive. If his body didn't ache so much, he would have drawn the sheet tighter across his legs to show exactly what those eyes could still do to him.

He chose not to tell her about the asari nurse who was so very attentive to his cleanliness, especially when he accidentally mentioned Leigh and her eyes narrowed for the briefest of moments.

He was still hers, all right, if that aura of protectiveness was anything to go by. He recognised the way her lips pressed together, he'd seen that in the mirror every day for two years. She'd had her world destroyed. Not Earth, but the world in her head, the destruction of the tenets of her faith and it was a little humbling to think that he might be the one to have brought about that revelation.

For a tiny moment, he didn't see her as she left, only the faceless N7 visor and the suit that wouldn't survive a blast from a Collector ship. His throat was dry and his soul ached.

They couldn't do this. They had to do this. The world hadn't quite stopped shifting yet. Whatever else, she smiled at him now, she forgave him Horizon, and he thought they might, maybe, one day, get back to that place they used to be in the mess hall, on late nights, fixing the galaxy with words over beers and noodles. He clung to that thought when she left again, when he heard of her exploits on Tuchanka. He clung to beer and curry and debates on his first Spectre mission, Udina's fetch-and-carry quests. He clung to that promise.

Right up until she emerged from an elevator and into his crosshairs.

Would this woman never stop trying to break him apart?

She can kill you faster than you can kill her, if you don't pull that trigger now . . .

He took a breath, concentrated on that place that held his biotics, kept it focussed and tight.

I can't kill her.

Shepard met his gaze and raised her hand, Garrus and James lowering their weapons with barely a moment's hesitation.

Because her crew would walk through fire for her. Why wouldn't he? Because he knew how to make her scream? Because he'd learned she was most ticklish behind her knee?

Because he wanted to be the best he could possibly be, for her. That man didn't go against his principles, no matter how much he . . . he loved her.

"I'd better not regret this," he murmured.

He thought he saw her heart jump. "You won't," she whispered.

She upset his world because she was his sun, and trying to escape her gravity would only tear him apart. She was his. He was hers.

Now, he just had to get her to realise it.

Moments of Happiness 4/?

It wasn't easy. What it took him three years to work through, she had to get over in one, while the galaxy rested on her shoulders like a coat she could never throw off. She skulked in the Normandy, she lost her head in battles, she didn't laugh with her crew or accept his invitations to poker night.

He measured his progress in the degree of her shoulders when she talked to him. When she could listen to him rant about Cerberus with a satisfied smile and eyes that crinkled at the edges, he asked her to dinner with him again. This time, she didn't clam up, but she did drum her fingers against the table. "Okay, Kaidan," she said softly. "Next time we're on the Citadel. I promise."

"I'll hold you to it," he said, grinning at her.

He was prepared to wait for her at Apollo's, although he had to admit that when the second hungry-eyed asari approached him, he was desperately hoping Shepard would abandon her good samaritan role and swing by soon.

When she did . . . sometimes he wished he could be the kind of guy who noticed her intelligence first, every time, or her deadliness. Even her fame, or her achievements. But no. She circled the table and chose the seat closest to him, an easy smile on her face as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Every time he noticed her beauty first. She was perfect, even her imperfections were perfect. Her wide, doe-eyes, her ever so slightly squint nose. He noticed one of the asari from earlier watching them, and he was pretty sure the asari's gaze wasn't lingering on him any more.


He tamped down on that particular line of thought and turned his attention to her. To the wrinkle in her brow when she thought about batarian Shard Wine, the way her lips pouted when he told her thoughts of her kept him awake at night - he thought he liked that look best of all until her lips parted in silent want when he kissed the palm of her hand, where calluses met smooth skin, fingers that danced in mnemonics. He liked that best up until she was given her pudding and devoured the chocolate sponge, her tongue working to strip the spoon all its sweetness.

All mine.

He wasn't as successful at drowning out the snarling voice in the back of his head this time. He kissed her palm again, because he had such fond memories of what those deft, clever fingers could do, and she exhaled shakily. "Please can we go back to the Normandy?"

"Hmm," he agreed, swiping his omnitool over the paypoint.

"Oh, you're paying?" she asked with a giggle in her voice as she rose up from her seat. He stood quickly, catching her around the waist and pulling her closer for a kiss, in front of the whole damned Citadel.

The taste of chocolate and the sour tang of some asari fruit still lingered on her lips. She tilted her head back, yielding ground and resting one hand on his hip, the other reaching up to the nape of his neck, her fingers working through his hair. The heat of her kiss travelled all the way down to his groin where he was already growing hard and when he tightened his grip on the waist of her hoodie she rocked her hips closer.

"Oh," she said, breaking the kiss and grinning up at him. "Hello."

"I thought you wanted to get back to the Normandy," he breathed against her lips, a little fuzzy on the details as to why they weren't there already, or why they were still dressed, or standing upright when there was a perfectly serviceable table right beside them.

Maybe Sparatus and Tevos would pass by and he could dismiss their claims of inappropriate behaviour while he was buried balls deep in their saviour.

Maybe he wouldn't ever mention that little fantasy to Shepard.

Moments of Happiness 5/?

"Come on," she said, her voice husky as she took his hand, leading him towards the stairs. He followed close behind her, partly to keep some semblance of modesty, since she had no intention of letting go of his hand and he was definitely making a show of himself in certain areas. But he was partly so close because from here he could smell her, that perfect mingle of standard soap, a little oil, a little moisturiser, and the missing ingredient . . . her. Her sweat, her particular smells and pheromones. He wondered if this mix of chemicals that he could only perceive when he was stepping on her heels was how Javik saw her all the time.

Lucky bastard if so.

She slapped her palm against the elevator's control and he didn't wait for the doors to close, his hands going to her waist again as he pushed her towards the wall, kissing the skin under her ear where her smell was a shot straight to his heart. She groaned, her head tipping back to rest on his shoulders, one hand rising to cup his cheek, the other going to rest on his at her waist. Her ass pressed against his hips and her back arched as he kissed down, tasting her collarbone, one hand flattening over her stomach.

"This is one of the slow elevators, right?" she asked in a strained voice.

"Mmm," he said, because all hope of coherent vocalisation had left him. He had worked the hand on her stomach down to the waistband of her BDUs, where the line of fabric was resting against her skin. She jumped in his arms when his thumb skirted the skin there, standing up on tip toe, her stomach tensing. He slid his hand down under her pants, past the soft line of her underwear to the soft mound of her sex. He ran his finger down the parting line, kissed her neck again, slid his left hand back to her stomach and pulled her closer against him as the forefinger of his right hand stroked the velvetty lips. She let out her breath in a rush, her chest rising and falling as he moved his thumb down, searching for the little pebble of flesh that might make her jump and twitch again. When he did, she rocked into the touch. "There you are," he murmured in her ear.

"Uhhhh," was all the reply he got. Her hips bucked against his finger, the curve of her ass painfully good against his hard cock.

Without warning, he felt her fingers through the fabric of his pants, like tiny needlepoints of pleasure on his cock, squeezing. One of her hands fumbled with his waistband, the other somehow managing to get down and when he felt her skin on him, strong fingers suddenly gentle and caressing on agonisingly sensitive skin.

He buried his face in the crook of her neck, where she seemed to surround him completely. Her. His.

He came with a quick buck of his hips, crying out her name into the hollow above her right collarbone, losing grip on her waist.

"Oh," she said, her hands curling awkwardly as she tried to extricate herself from his pants.

"Fucking hell," he muttered, leaning his weight against her and arching his back as she turned to face him, the agony of a little death in the wrong place was nothing compared to the genuine amusement on her face. He couldn't help a little laugh too as he lowered his head to her shoulder, wiped her hands free of his cum with his fingers. "Damn it," he said quietly.

"Mmm, I think we'll manage," she purred, shirking her hoodie and handing it over. "Maybe wrap this around your waist. Allers is probably haunting the docks for footage."

He laughed again, his entire body shaking as he clung to her. It was laugh or cry and he'd been doing too much of the latter when it came to her.

"It's okay," she murmured, helping him tie the sleeves of her hoodie around his waist. "We still got a couple of decks to cross before we get home," she promised him, her voice lilting with barely concealed amusement. "Plenty of time." She took his hand again as they exited the elevator and he followed along behind, determined to make it up to her, if it took all night.

Moments of Happiness 6/?

By the time they reached the Normandy's airlock they were practically running. Traynor was standing at her post, a cup of coffee raised to her lips. She kept it there out of some self-preservation instinct as the two rushed past, Shepard giggling and tugging at his hand whenever it looked like he was dropping the pace.

"As you were, Specialist," she said with a nod as he and Shepard piled into the lift. She spun on the ball of one foot, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing a kiss against his lips, nipping at his bottom lip with her teeth. He backed her into a corner, nudging his knee between her legs and forcing her to rise up on her tip toes. She made a pleased sound in his mouth. He dropped his hands to cup her ass, pulling her closer and she rewarded him by arching her back, pushing her breasts against his chest.

He would admit to the tiniest smidgeon of worry. It had been . . . well a while. They had a lot to live up to. His memories of her were never entirely grounded in reality.

Her hands pushed him backwards as the door opened and they spilled into the attic. Her fist bunched in the hem of his shirt and she tugged at it, her fingers shaking as they fumbled with the clasp. Closing his hands around hers, he paused long enough to kiss her forehead, his heart thumping in his chest. She stared up at him, her lips a little red from their kisses.

He cupped her face and tilted her head backwards, bowing his head to hers. "I love you."

"I love you," she whispered, her hands going back to his shirt. He tried to turn over the schematics of a Nexus in his head, shivering a little as the cool cabin air hit his skin. As she moved on to his pants he grabbed her thighs, hiking her up around his waist in a desperate distraction. She laughed in delight - she liked it a little rough, didn't she? Did I imagine that? He dropped her to the bed, following and pinning her to the mattress with a kiss, sliding his hand under her shirt to cup her breast, his thumb rubbing over her nipple. He tasted the hollow of her neck then pulled her shirt off quickly, returning his lips to the soft skin above the smooth fabric of her bra. Her body undulated beneath him, her hands going back to his pants.

"Maybe not yet," he warned her, working at her own waistband and then her briefs. She helped eagerly, wriggling to get her hands behind her back and undo the clasp of her bra. Freed, her breasts bobbed as she lifted her hips to facilitate the removal of her briefs. He sucked at one nipple, flicking his tongue over the stiff peak, trying to drown out the thump of his heart that her groans heralded. She was pliant and soft underneath him, Commander Shepard, Saviour of the Citadel, Saviour of the Whole Damned Galaxy . . . her skin shivering under his touch.

He twisted, lying on the mattress and pulling her atop of him. "Hey," he said appreciatively, "they even upgraded the bed."

She sat straighter, perfectly naked and at ease. The night before Ilos, he had loved how she was so at ease with her own body. Even the impressive tangle of scars on her thigh, that put the one on her cheek to shame, the story she told him of an N7 mission gone wrong. A bomb that exploded too early, a civilian she couldn't save, how she chewed out Hackett half stoned on morphine for forcing her into that situation and how afterwards, Hackett sent her those missions exactly. Because you won't fail again, Shepard, Hackett had told her.

"The Cerberus one was like sleeping on rocks," she murmured, leaving kisses on his chest.

He ran his finger over a new scar on her shoulder. "Ahh, sweetheart that feels -"

"Sweetheart?" she squeaked with indignation, sitting straight and splaying her palms over his chest. "I don't think I remember the last time someone called me 'sweetheart'."

Moments of Happiness 6.5/?

He stared up at her, thinking of the marines who spoke of her in hushed voices, who told stories of seeing her half way across a bar, or a battlefield. He sat up, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her body against his. He kissed the new scar and then her lips, nipping at her lip, sucking when she she pressed closer. "You're my sweetheart," he murmured against her lips. She shivered in his arms. His hand went back to her scar and this time she placed her hand over his, a smile playing on her face.

"Turns out you shouldn't fire a Cain in a small enclosed space. Who knew?"

He groaned and kissed the scar again. "Shepard . . ."

"I haven't done it since!" she protested.

"That's going in your performance review," he muttered, tipping her back to the sheets and tangling his legs in hers. Her face scrunched up in irritation so he kissed her stomach, keeping her back arched with one arm looped under the base of her spine.

"What about - ahh - taking on a Reaper with a Thresher?" she breathed as he began working down.

Her skin was intoxicating. "Wrex helped, so I hear," he said, working his kisses past the hair and down to her cunt.

"I work great in small teams," she hissed, her fingers tangling in his hair.

He smiled to himself as he flicked his tongue over her clit. Commander Shepard, who could talk down an indoctrinated Spectre, was wordless underneath him. That felt better than it should.

Moments of Happiness 7/7

Mind clouded with lust and punctured only by her arrhythmic gasps as he curled his fingers up inside her, he was aware of little more than the taste of her on his tongue, the weight of the calf that rested on his back and the ebb of her pulse under his lips.

His world had coalesced to this bed, not even to the furthest reaches of it. He kept his hips arched, felt the burn begin to build in his back, and every cry from he elicited from Shepard's lips tugged at his cock. The cadence of gasps and whispers grew familiar from the number of times they'd done this before. After she'd died, he'd cursed every moment they hadn't spent pressed together in sticky, erotic delight. Now their galaxy was facing extinction, he was going to spend every possible moment giving her happiness.

"Kai-" it was all she managed before her back arched and her biotics spiked. Her inner walls contracted against his fingers and her hand fisted in his hair, yanking hair from the roots. It was distraction enough to remind him he wasn't going to be able to fulfil much of his end of the deal, so he crooked his fingers upwards, pushing against the patch of nerve endings behind her clitoris and she cried out again, this time a shriek that was almost indistinguishable from pain or surprise.

He crawled up the bed, bringing his lips to hers as she tried to say something, invading her declarations of love or desire with his tongue.

Sometimes it felt as though this galaxy tried to exterminate the boy who used to watch old space-vids and dream about seeing the stars, saving the galaxy, rescuing beautiful women . . . There was no room for romance in this galaxy.

Shepard's hands were feverish on his back, her fingertips dug into his ass, pulling him closer.

"This might be anticlimatic," he warned her, whispered the words into her ear.

She shifted, drawing back to look at him. "There's really never been anyone else?" she murmured, her voice thick with emotion.

He curled his hands in her hair and shook his head. "No one was you," he said simply.

Her lips parted and she almost looked a little dismayed. "Oh, Kaidan . . ."

From the very first moment he saw her, she put him in mind of childhood dreams. She took him to parts of the galaxy he'd never been, she gloried in adventure with him, and she never needed saving.

It seemed like the galaxy was trying to break her now. To extinguish the last truly good thing in the world. Even in bed, docked safe on the Citadel, as far from the war as she could possibly be, he could see it. The shadow that gathered above her, the wraiths and ghosts and spirits he could barely see that stalked her, like her ghost once stalked him.

He kissed her again, let her guide his cock inside her where she lifted and rolled her hips, losing herself quickly in the physical sensations that could drive the shadow away.

They all had a role to play in this war. His was to safeguard her moments of happiness, to keep her functioning, to take care of the small decisions. She was his, but they were all hers.

He thrusted forwards, burying himself inside her, barely aware of the tangle of their limbs and the chill of the cabin's air compared to the heat of their bodies. In a few strong spasms of her insides, he came with more pain and exhaustion than anything else. His teeth sank into her shoulder and she followed his example.

After a few moments, their bodies registered the cold air and they made their way under the covers. Kaidan curled his arms around her, and the little voice in the very back of his mind felt gratified as she curled up beside him, her head resting under his chin, as close to him as she could get.

She was already losing to the shadow, he could feel it, despite his exhausted limbs and the fact he couldn't keep his eyes open. In the moments before sleep reclaimed him, he squeezed her closer. She was going to save them all, he knew it even if she didn't. And he was going to save her, keep that beautiful, laughing woman alive, even as the galaxy pulled her apart.

Re: Moments of Happiness 7/7

This is an absolutely fantastic story. I love smut like this - hot, yes, well written, yes, but laced with the thoughts and feelings and fears of those involved, and you did it in a very natural and fantastically written way. Very much enjoyed this read and The Benefits, if you have anything else you can link us to I think we'd all love that :)


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Re: Moments of Happiness 7/7

ugh, a!a you are perfect

Re: Moments of Happiness 7/7

This was so amazing, and so well written - heartbreaking and sweet and incredible and completely in character!

I love reading your fills, kudos A!A -^3^-

Re: Moments of Happiness 6.5/?

Oh A!A, this was wonderful in so many ways, but this last bit:

Her lips parted and she almost looked a little dismayed. "Oh, Kaidan . . ."

From the very first moment he saw her, she put him in mind of childhood dreams. She took him to parts of the galaxy he'd never been, she gloried in adventure with him, and she never needed saving.

It seemed like the galaxy was trying to break her now. To extinguish the last truly good thing in the world. Even in bed, docked safe on the Citadel, as far from the war as she could possibly be, he could see it. The shadow that gathered above her, the wraiths and ghosts and spirits he could barely see that stalked her, like her ghost once stalked him.

Sooooooo many feeeeeeeeels.

Re: Moments of Happiness 5/?

Author!Anon, I must tell you that this was an absolute treat to wake up to. I really enjoyed The Benefits and I'm loving this too. Please, please, never stop writing delightful Shenko fics!

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