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Mass Effect Kink Meme: PART IX

"We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, the kink meme will endure."


Post your requests anonymously, and fill any prompts that catch your eye. We’re not picky around here; anything goes. Fanart or fanfic, het, femslash, slash, threesomes and moresomes, or just gen-fic; as long as it’s part of the Mass Effect universe, there’s a place for it here.

  • All posts must be anonymous, be they prompts, fills, or comments.
  • Every new prompt should be a new post. Indexing’s impossible otherwise.
  • Pictures should be linked to, not inserted directly into the meme. Be nice to people with slow connections!
  • No flames! We like a friendly atmosphere. If something’s not to your taste, just ignore it. If you see someone else causing problems, message me – don’t feed the trolls!
  • No plagiarism. Didn’t think I’d have to point that out, but some people didn’t seem to get the message. If someone’s already written a story that fills a prompt, feel free to link to it, but don’t repost it and claim it as your own.
  • No underage content. Use some basic common sense for what applies here.
  • Give back to the community! Try and write something for every prompt you leave. If you don’t think you’re up to writing, at least leave feedback on stories you enjoyed. Nobody likes putting effort into a story and getting silence in return.
  • The character limit per comment is 4300 – Break your story into 600-700 word chunks, and you shouldn’t have any problems.
  • When posting a story for an old prompt on this meme, please repost the original prompt here, then post the story as a reply to it - otherwise, everyone has to scroll past long stories to see the newest comments on a page!
  • Multiple fills are always welcome!
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  • It’s ‘Kaidan’, not ‘Kaiden’.

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MShepard/Kaidan Peeping Tom

This pic says it all

After coming back from a mission, Shepard finds Kaidan undressing in his Cabin. And watches as he takes a shower in his room.

Sexy time ;)

Bonus points for: Kaidan knows Shepard is watching him and decides to give Shepard a show.

Re: MShepard/Kaidan Peeping Tom

Yes, please.

Shepard is insane.

As in eccentric.

Not Schizophrenic.

Actually, that'd be an interesting story, a schizophrenic shepard.

Re: Shepard is insane.

I'd vote for the crazy crazy. I can picture a renegade Shepard being a sociopath who's crazy good at their job because they are apathetic about it. Annnnddddd... I wished I wasn't so busy so I could fill this.

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Genophage cure requires public blowjob

Someone has a genuine cure for the genophage

They dont want to distribute it so they make an offer they know Wrex will refused.

For the cure to be distributed Wrex has to give someone a very public blowjob.

Only the person doesn't know Wrex very well. He readily agrees.

Either the person is male and gives his ultimatum at Wrex's throne, at which Wrex immediately obliges by blowing him in front of the rest of Clan Urdnot

Or the person is that stuck up Dalatrass and she sarcastically suggests it at the war summit resulting in Wrex blowing Victus in front of her.

Either scenario, Wrex stands up, wipes his mouth and then offers to take it up the ass if that'll help speed things along.

Re: Genophage cure requires public blowjob

This is such crack I cant help but to second

Diplomacy Always

So let's assume for a second that the Rachni Queen was saved. And just for shits and giggles, let's say that, prior to the getting on board with the Crucible, there's a 'reaching across the aisle' moment between both her, and the Council.

How would that meeting go. Or alternatively, the aftermath of that meeting. Something to the tune of Tevos or Irissa being in a completely discombobulated haze and/or tripping out for a while after having to play translator, since that handy Courier!Asari isn't present anymore.

Bonus points if Tevos (or Irissa) actually goes back to the Queen because the experience was just that mindblowing (infer whatever you like in regards to what that might entail; this could be good or bad or, hell, adult-oriented if that's the way you wanna go with it).


don't look at me like that, there's almost no Rachni Queen prompts in this place

Re: Diplomacy Always

Yes. The musics of the rachni should be touched with the colours of melding. They should make beautiful duets.

Re: Septimus Oraka/Etarn Tiron

Original prompt is here:

It's a shame you don't get to see the savvy spokesman for Rodam Expeditions in ME3, but at least we get Mr. Septimus Oraka. He also seems like a fantastic smooth-talker... and who doesn't want more turian/turian interaction?

After Oraka's pulled himself back together, he goes to Rodam for a little vacation, and even persuades the store spokesman to take some time off.

Not just a vacation, but an experience.

Some Solitary Wander, Part 1/?

It was late afternoon when Septimus Oraka woke to the incessant beeping of his omni-tool's alarm function, and he swatted clumsily at the haptic interface until the damned thing finally shut off. It flashed him a brief reminder before it shut down; he had an appointment with Sha'ira in an hour, it proclaimed, and he needed to get up. With a groan, Septimus eased himself up, peeled his sweat-damp bedclothes away from his plates, and realized he felt like an old man.

Spirits, he was an old man, so it wasn't like that was anything unusual.

The shower in his apartment was cold, but not intolerably so, and it was enough to wash the sticky feeling of drying sweat off of his plates. He lingered a few minutes longer than was strictly necessary under the cool, sterilized water, tilting his head up into the spray and closing his eyes. Septimus had never sweated like a varren on Palaven, he remembered, and it was easily hotter than the Citadel, but then the last time he'd been on Palaven he hadn't had the dreams, either.

He nudged the water off with a short, strangled growl that snarled through his subharmonics, and snatched a towel from the rack, slashing the rough cloth over his body until he was dry. The towel made a soft smack as he tossed it into the hamper underneath the rack, and Septimus dug his paints out of the cabinet above the sink. It only took him a few minutes to apply the intricate, wavy white pattern to his face, and then he was off to get dressed.

Blue, he remembered that Sha'ira liked it when he wore blue. Septimus spent a few minutes straightening all the ties and clasps and ensuring that his jacket rode properly across his cowl and on his shoulders, steadfastly ignoring the headache that churned like a storm behind his eyes. He got like this when he didn't sleep properly, but he wasn't going to put off this appointment now; some measly little headache wasn't going to stop him from seeing her.

He paused to examine himself in the mirror, and was satisfied with what he saw. Even some of his own species would have had trouble picking up on how tired he actually was, not to mention the aliens. Septimus gave a nod, and decided he would walk today rather than take an aircar; he needed to clear his thoughts before he saw Sha'ira, and a walk would do him good.


Zakera Ward was a wild and packed as Septimus remembered, bustling with all sorts of aliens going about their business, seedy or otherwise. He didn't mind the humans so much, and the volus were a client race so he was used to dealing with them, but they were hardly the only species packed into the overcrowded ward, and the hanar were just too wiggly for him. But most of the bustle was shut away now that he was inside, away from the worst of the crowds and jogging up the stairs towards the upper floors of the building.

Okay, he was curious; he'd never been in here, and he had almost half an hour to kill before his appointment. The Citadel was a big place, and it wasn't like he'd spent years here like some of his old military friends who'd gone into C-Sec. Being a general was tough work, though he was retired now, though with the sorts of things that showed up on the news with increasing frequency ... who knew how long his retirement would last?

He wandered through the building, past the various shops, taking it easy and just enjoying the walk. A few stores he went into, browsing through their selections and deflecting the attentions of over-zealous shopkeeps. He'd just passed a little shop called Rodam Expeditions when he heard her voice again.

"I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel."

Septimus paused, considered, and then shrugged and decided to go in. What could possibly happen? he wondered. It's just a gun store, it's not like they're selling the adventure of a lifetime.

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M!Shep/Javik...and then there's Grunt

Similar to the previous "Grunt meets Shep's LI" fill...but those other LIs weren't Javik, were they?

Bonus if this has Javik and Grunt sparring and Shep just popcorn.gifing throughout that moment with another crew member.

Re: M!Shep/Javik...and then there's Grunt

Bonus is Grunt is pissed that Javik is now occupying HIS cargo bay

Double bonus if Javik mentions he's had flashbacks to all the times Grunt has indulged himself while reading Fornax Special Spotlight:Krogan Edition

Yet Another Private Prompt... Aria T'Loak/Councillor Tevos + FemShep/Liara

Hi guys! I know FemShep/Liara has been getting loads of love recently, and I hope I've been at least a small part of that with my fics. But I was given yet ANOTHER private prompt that was actually Aria/Tevos, and I promised I'd fill it. Then, I decided to share it with you. Here we go:

"I'm not sure if you take requests but I wanted to know if you could write a naughty story between Aria T'Loak and Councilor Tevos? The inspiration came from the conversation in Purgatory where Tevos processes Aria's immigration forms. Honestly, I just want kinky, dirty sex. Maybe in the councilor's office, on the desk and in other various places. Positions, well....I'm not really sure, but I imagine Aria would be dominating it. I give you the liberty to take it anywhere really. My god, I'm stupidly excited."

Of course, that doesn't mean FemShep/Liara isn't in this fic. They are... ;D in quite an amusing way.

TL;DR - So, I heard you like Aria T'Loak, explicit Femslash, BDSM, and exhibitionism, anons. Here you go!

Re: Yet Another Private Prompt... Aria T'Loak/Councillor Tevos + FemShep/Liara

Shepard was back.

Aria wasn't surprised, of course. She already had eyes and ears everywhere, even though she had only been on the Citadel for three weeks. Her sources had informed her that the plucky human was making port several minutes before the Normandy docked. Unfortunately, the asari couldn't give Shepard her full attention at the moment. She had a minor annoyance to deal with first.

"So, you admit that you and your thugs are here illegally."

Aria blinked slowly, affecting an air of boredom, but her response came quickly, and not just a little sarcastically. "Yes. And it only took C-Sec three weeks to figure it out."

"I don't care who you are," the immigration officer's hand sliced dismissively through the air and she took a step forward, intruding on Aria's space. "You're required to go through processing like all other refugees. Come with me." She turned to go, obviously expecting Aria to rise and follow her.

"I don't think so." The Queen of Omega - she still thought of herself that way, the Illusive Man wouldn't be able to keep his greedy hands on her empire for long - sighed and turned to one of her many bodyguards. "Sheerk, get me the asari councilor."

Within moments, a life-sized hologram of Councilor Tevos was standing in front of the couch (smaller than her old one, unfortunately) where she held court. She clasped her hands behind her back, lifting her chin and standing tall. "Greetings, Aria. Is there something you need?"

Aria considered asking Tevos to take the stick out of her ass and stop being so formal. They had known each other on and off for years, harboring a mutual, wary respect. Tevos was smart enough to overlook some of Aria's criminal activities, as long as they didn't directly involve her, but also proud enough to resist being bribed or influenced directly. Aria didn't try, so it was a mutually satisfying arrangement. However, the councilor did owe her a few small favors. "I'm being asked to submit to immigration processing."

"Of course you are." Tevos bent her head and began keying in authorization on her Omni-tool. It took all of two seconds. "Done. What else can I do for you?"

"Nothing, thank you."

Aria rarely said thank you, and Tevos had to hide her surprise. The councilor paused, and then nodded her head. "My pleasure," she murmured before turning to leave and ending the call. That gave the pirate queen pause. Had there been something... extra in Tevos's voice, or was she just imagining things? Maybe the Citadel was starting to drive her crazy.

'My pleasure...'

Aria cast a bored glance back at the immigration officer. "I think we're done here." With a frustrated huff, the human woman stalked away, not bothering with any parting words.

'Is there something you need...?'

Aria shook herself and refocused on her surroundings. She couldn't risk abandoning her control. "Enjoy the show, Shepard?"

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Dungeons and Dragons

The crew of the Normandy SR-2 decide that, after they are done with the Omega 4 relay, they are just gonna settle down, drink some beers, eat some chips, and play... Dungeons and Dragons Version 6.5 (Better than that 7 or 8 shit)

Bonus points for:

Jacob being the Paladin/Leader of the group

Miranda being a magic-using assassin half elf

Tali being an alchemist-like character

Grunt being the tank/damage dealer

Legion constantly rolling crits (not all the time, they are just really freaking lucky)

Shepard as the DM

Re: Dungeons and Dragons

2nded like the fist of an angry god.

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Miranda's New Job

So, AU ending (Normandy crew still at Earth, Shepard most definitely lived, rest is up to a!a)...

There was a war, though and the economy is pretty much tanked, right? Well, Miranda is a smart cookie who knows that some industries do even better in these situations.

Basically, I would like to see either sex Shepard w/LI Kaidan find out about Miranda's new job and take poor Kaidan on a shopping trip where Shepard proceeds to do everything in his/her power to get a reaction from Miranda (asks for advice, asks for extra kinky stuff, holds up the biggest dildo in the place to Kaidan's crotch and proclaims it "almost right, but a tad too small", etc). Yeah, this is just for the laughs.

Re: Miranda's New Job

brb crying with laughter at this awesome hilarious prompt

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That awkward moment when you realize that you're in love with your alien best friend.

I mean, femShep gets all the awkward Garrus moments, why not share the love?

Re: M!Shep/Garrus

Someone needs to fill this. I'd take a crack at it, but I suck at ME writing. /: ManShep is really lacking in the Garrus-love department.

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m!Shepard/Kaidan Warheroes

I'd like to see an alternative ending to ME3 where male Shepard and Kaidan win the war together. It could be either an actual game ending with Kaidan replacing Anderson or a completely new one and it's up to the writer whether they survive or die together. Shepard and Kaidan could be lovers or friends. Extra points if Shepard isn't able to do this saving thing without Kaidan and it's a joint effort that brings the war to an end.

Re: m!Shepard/Kaidan Warheroes

Seconded! After Kaidan's final dialogue - "No one's doing this alone" - I was so hoping to get through the end with him, no matter what happened. It's kind of romantic, in a somewhat morbid way. Instead he teleported away and left me to die in front of some mentally challenged AI god kid. :(s

Normandy Crew, tropical vacation

Okay, so I've got a lot of problems with the Normandy crash at the end, but that garden planet really is a beautiful setting - so why let it go to waste?

I'd like a fill based on a Destroy ending where Shepard and EDI live (so Joker and whoever Shep's LI is don't spend the fic moping around). After the crash, they contacted Hackett via the QEC and were told that the Reapers were destroyed, Shepard was recovered and is recuperating, and that the Alliance determined their location and will pick them up in a sort of lengthy but not unreasonable amount of time - say about a month.

This is a load off of everyone's shoulders. So now, given that they're stuck in a tropical paradise for several weeks with rations to spare, the whole crew decides to rough it and get one with nature for the time being.

Situations arise that just happen to involve stripping down or talking sexy: strip poker to pass the time, the climate is hot so we'd better take off our shirts, exploration leads to the discovery of a lake or hot spring and then skinnydipping, various species' attitudes re: nudity are discussed, they go through the ship's booze and swap dirty stories around a campfire, etc. Maybe some actual sex happens, but this prompt is more about a group bonding experience where there's also this sensual charge hanging in the air all the time.

Re: Normandy Crew, tropical vacation

I have been looking for the prompt for a while. Thank you so much for requesting; I finally have a reason to write it. Are you specifically looking for certain pairings, or would Garrus/Femshep, Joker/EDI, Liara/Javik be okay?

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Kaidan/MShepard The fan

Kaidan and Shepard are on a date at the Citadel. Where Kaidan runs into one of Shepard's biggest fan Conrad Verner.

Bonus points for: Conrad accepting Shepard's relationship with another man. Conrad mentioning to Kaidan about his Shepard shrine. And gets a excluisive front seat as both Spectars make out in front of him. ;)

Re: Kaidan/MShepard The fan

"And gets a excluisive front seat as both Spectars make out in front of him."

Well, I imagine that would be sufficient wet dream material to last him a while.

I second your prompt. For some reason I've always found Conrad adorable, in a creepy little bastard kind of way. He's definitely one of my favorite minor characters. xD

Turians dont fly!

Was watching Rio recently and couldn't help but think of Turians everytime Blu was made fun of because he couldn't fly. Basically, Garrus finds himself having to explain to people/ (crew mates kids) that its nothing wrong with him. Turians just dont fly.

Well, I've seen a house fly.

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FemShep getting negged

You know negging? The asshole pickup artist's trick of stealth-insulting women like so? (

Some idiot who doesn't recognize her tries that on Shepard. She's more pissed off for the sake of any other women in the bar that he might try that on than for her own sake (taken in a vacuum she'd be just kind of amused that some random idiot in a bar thinks he could get under her skin) but the squad-members with her? They have found a brand-new game in picking on the guy right back.

Bonus points for Jack being there. Even more bonus points for it happening in Afterlife or Purgatory, and is clearly amused by the whole thing. And all the bonus points in the world if the idiot (still not knowing who he's dealing with) tries making Aria his next target after he gets away from the squad.

Re: FemShep getting negged

Great prompt! Idea of someone trying to do that to Shepard is just... too amusing. :D

Fill: FemShep/Liara - Physicality

This is a fill for that asked for smut with Liara in lust with Shepard's body and paying it all her loving attention. Part of my inspiration is the prompt asking for a physically very fit FemShepard, though this doesn't really fill that one.

I would like to note though that this is my first time writing a fan fiction of any kind (damn, the pressure!), and more importantly, English is not my mothertongue, so I hope you kind anons will forgive me for any stupid grammatical mistakes I might make despite trying my best. I just wanted to give something back to the community that has given me many moments of joy with their writings.

Without further ado, Allons-y!

Re: Fill: FemShep/Liara - Physicality 1/?

If asked about what drew her to the Commander of Normandy, Liara's first answer would be 'her mind'. And it really was. The Prothean cipher burned in Shepard's brain and the cryptic message received from the beacon on Eden Prime intrigued the young asari archaeologist, the scientist in her helplessly curious about something so intrinsic to Liara's area of expertise.

The Commander's personality would be another thing that the doctor considered to be high on the list of things that drew her to Shepard. So very strong-willed, determined and completely fearless before her enemies but also gentle, loving and always patient with her blue skinned lover. Even after the young scientist had matured into one of the best information brokers in the galaxy and had taken over as the Shadow Broker, the human stayed just as patient and loving as before. Now they were simply on a more equal setting with each other. She was no longer the shy, nerdy archaeologist who stammered and got flustered in the presence of Shepard and her aura of command. Now she could dish it out just as well as take it, standing by her loved one's side as someone the Commander could trust and lean on if needed instead of something that needed protection and nurturing.

But as Liara came across Shepard at the corner of the cargo bay that the crew had set aside as a makeshift gym, the doctor had to admit to herself: she was completely, utterly, thoroughly in lust with the Commander's body.

Blue eyes darkened with helpless arousal as Liara took in the view that greeted her. Wearing a simple gray tanktop that left the human's abdomen and shoulders bare and tight black bikershorts, Normandy's CO was working out with a pair of dumbbells. She was standing with her back towards the doctor, unaware of the heated gaze that took in the view, lingering on some areas longer than on others. Shepard was a marine, through and through, and kept her body in excellent shape. She might not be the mountain of flesh that James Vega was, but the strength of those powerful, slim muscles under the tan skin was undeniable.

And by the Goddess how Liara appreciated the sight of Shepard working on keeping that body in shape. The human was making absolutely certain that if she met Anderson face to face again, there would be nothing 'soft around the edges' anymore.

Well, there was inevitably some soft. The Commander was without any kind of doubt a female of her species, the asari catching glimpses of the curves of Shepard's breasts from behind as the woman worked out. The tanktop and the practical black sportsbra the marine was wearing did nothing to hide them. And then there were the human's hips, a little bit slimmer than Liara's own but delightfully feminine, leading down to powerful thighs and...

Liara bit at her lower lip, a low, lustful groan rumbling from deep within her as she was treated to the sight of Shepard bending forward to put down the dumbbells, offering the doctor a most tantalizing view of the commander's backside. Hands shaking with an almost unbearable desire to feel out the curve of the human's rear, a feverish thought flashed through the asari's increasingly lust-addled mind.

What was that expression she had heard Joker use on occasion? Oh yes.


Almost finished with her daily routine, Shepard put away the dumbbells she had used to work on her arms when a most peculiar sound caught her ear, coming from somewhere behind her. It had been something between a growl and a groan as far as she could tell, the Commander standing back up and turning around to take a look at the source of the sound.

To her surprise Shepard saw her bondmate and lover standing a little bit away, looking at the human with a very intense expression. There was no mistaking the heat in that look. The Commander's eyebrows lifted with curiosity and the corners of her lips quirked into her trademark smirk. Liara didn't seem to even notice that her girlfriend had turned around and was now looking at her with a decidedly amused grin as the asari kept trailing her eyes all across her lover's body, purple tongue slipping from between dark lips to moisten them absently.

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MaleShep/Cortez - possessive!Steve

We always see possessive!Kaidan with Shep.

I wanna see a really possessive Steve with an already established relationship. Maybe they're walking around the Citadel (on a date. Oh, the irony.) and some fan comes up and starts to hit on ManShep, and Steve's all, "Hey, wtf, bitch. He's mine. GTFO. D:<"

Shepard thinks possessive!Steve is reealllyyyyy hot.

And maybe some public sex can be tossed around there.

Just a thought...


Shepard has rescued a Female Batarian from Cerberus/Geth/Reapers, and because she has had Batarian Special forces training she volunteers to join Shepard crew to get back at the Reapers for destroying Khar'Shan.

The female Batarian starts to have a slight attraction towards Shepard but she ignores it as she normally doesn't find humans attractive but over time she begins to fall in love with Shepard, and Shepard starts to fall in love with her aswell.

When the proceed to tell them that they love eachother, they have a date on the Citadel, cue racist human proclaiming that Shepard is a monster for being with a Batarian, Shepard then proceeds to kick his ass, they then proceed to make out in public view.

Before the attack on Cronos Station they proceed to have sex in Shepard cabin

Re: ManShepard/FemBatarian

CaptainKirk-Shep is Best-Shep.

Seconded for the alien sexy times.

Garrus/FemShep: Culinary Fail

Garrus has been reading up on human courtship traditions, and he learns about the merits of cooking a romantic meal for Shep.

Cue montage of Garrus grappling with even the simplist of human meals (i.e. cooking that bastard pasta correctly) but he does his damnedest, bless him.

Shepard is delighted and charmed by his efforts, but not by the food. Whether Shep tells Garrus his cooking is shocking is up to Anon. ;)

Re: Garrus/FemShep: Culinary Fail

I am soooo going to try and fill this ASAP. I have a few hours free now, but if I can't finish it, I'll try to have it done sometime tomorrow. Finals week gives me a lot of free time ;)

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Fill - "Knowing" (MShep/Grunt), SLASH

Filling this prompt:

... MShep/Grunt Smut?!?!?!?!?

Story follows. Thanks to S for the beta.

Fill - "Knowing" (MShep/Grunt), SLASH - Part 1


What time is it? Damn. Did I spend the whole evening drinking with the Doc? Must have. There's the bottle, and it's empty.

I stand up, and have to grab at the chair to steady myself. Whoa. Wait for the room to stop moving. They say this stuff doesn't give you a hangover. Yeah, right. We'll see about that in the morning.

There's the doc, lying there. Good doctor. Good woman. Good to have her on board. Just like the good old days. We had a nice chat. But now, time for bed.

Wait. There's something... Shit. Is she passed out? Uh... Check her pulse. Yeah. Breathing? Yeah.

"Doc? Wake up." I shake her a bit. "Need to know you're okay."

"Ow." She squints. "I'm fine. Goodnight, Shepard."

Conscious, that's a good sign. So... what else. Make sure her head's turned to the side. Yeah. What else. Think that's it. Shit. You're wasted. Get your act together, Marine. You sober enough to get your ass upstairs? Can you walk straight? Yeah, more or less. Better hope nobody sees you bouncing off the bulkheads.

Made it to the elevator. EDI says, "Shepard, Grunt is waiting outside your quarters. He seems rather agitated."

Fuck. So not the best time. Shit. Quick detour to the armory. Probably unnecessary, but better safe than a bloody smear of unrecognizable body parts, right. Okay, concentrate. You're armed, this is no time to be stupid drunk. Now let's go see what he wants.

I don't know shit about krogan. Wish there was more information available. Krogan, care and maintenance of. Better yet: What to expect from your new tank-grown super-soldier. He's insanely violent, goes without saying, but... not stupid. Thinks about stuff more than your average krogan. Maybe. Don't know that many krogan, and none well, except Wrex, and he's not stupid, either. Yeah, okay. Thinks about stuff more than your average krogan stereotype, then. Hell. A good leader knows how to manage ambiguity, right. Deep breath. Check the sidearm. Stand clear of the elevator doors.

FemShep Garrus Child plot.

After the Reapers Femshep and Garrus settled down together (well as best they could on the Normandy and what not). Femshep notices something off, finds out she's pregnant, panics, and leaves. Because A, Cerberus records state she's sterile. And B, humans aren't supposed to be able to have little Turian babies... and well C, she hasn't be with anyone but Garrus in a long as time.

She gives notice and leaves the Alliance and disappears for quite a few years, all up to you how long. But shows up however long after at a function celebrating the battle against the reapers and galactic peace. She also has the child/children she had, and all the Normandy crew is there, and she and the kid/kids get stuck at the same table with all of them. And yep. Garrus is there.

You can have the Turmans anyway you want.
Much love to whoever has Femshep also adopt a full Turian just because the Turmans would need a Turian around for health emergencies, etc.

Bonus points and love if the Adopted Turian figures out who Garrus is to the kid/kids before the kid/kids do. And I expect him/her to be hilarious. :P

You can pretty much just do it whatever way you please.

Re: FemShep Garrus Child plot.

Ohh this is perfect.

Battlemother’s Day celebration

I've never done this before so hopefully I don't somehow violate prompting etiquette. Here goes nothing.

I'd like a story where Grunt learns about the human celebration of Mothers Day and decides to do something for FemShep. Something more Krogan than a hallmark card.
If there is an LI I’d prefer Garrus or even Wrex if that’s more your thing. Other than that I’m not picky. I really just want Grunt realizing that he’s been unofficially adopted and showing his appreciation in a uniquely overgrown-tank-bred-Krogan-child kind of way.

I leave the rest up to you. Just know that I will have your Krogan babies if you somehow include LI saying “that’s my boy” or some similar expression of fatherly approval.

Re: Battlemother’s Day celebration

Seconded! It always makes me giddy reading about how Grunt's basically Shep's baby.

huh...the thought about how Aethyta would react to having a sort of krogan grandkid if Liara was the LI just hit me hmmm

Diana Allers/ Samantha Traynor

I think it's cute how they tak on the intercom, and I think Traynor has the hots for her. Fluff pre-final battle sex. Maybe accidentally on camera....?

Re: Diana Allers/ Samantha Traynor


Femshep/Liara - Marked

This line: "Shepard was clearly 'marked', whether she knew it or not."

from an author!Anonymous's Aria T'Loak/Councillor Tevos fill. For those who are intrigued here's the (Not Safe For Work / Rated M) link:

So much want!

I'll post a fill soon but I would like other Author!Anons to run with it!

Re: Femshep/Liara - Marked

Are you the author who posted a fic on Because that story was fantastic!

In any case, I'd love to read more of this concept with FemShep and Liara. It's so freaking hot.

Kaidan/MShepard Promise/Forbidden Love

Alternate Universe.

Kaidan moves into a new neighberhood on Mindoir and meets Shepard. They become friends very quickly. As the years go by Kaidan starts to have feelings for Shepard. But Kaidan's biotic training seperates them. They made a promise to see each other if they meet again. And give each other a memento to remember.

10 years later. Shepard is a assassin working with TIM, while Kaidan is a biotic bodyguard for a Council memeber. One day Assassin Shepard tries to assassinate the Council memeber, but Kaidan protects the Council, and fights Shepard. Both quickly reconizing each other, Shepard runs away back to TIM. Kaidan and Shepard remember their promise as kids and they end up meeting secretly and falling in love.

Bonus points for TIM learning about the relationship and setting up Shepard. And Kaidan coming to the rescue.

Re: Kaidan/MShepard Promise/Forbidden Love

That's interesting. I'd love to see someone pull this off. :) (I wish I could.)


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