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Good Things - 1/? [FShep/Kaidan + kids]

AN: This may or may not be your lucky day, anon (depending on how you feel about headcanons I suppose). I had this domestic scene sitting on my harddrive dealing with my EC issues, but it never had much point to it.

Part of the Chaos verse (http://archiveofourown.org/series/18102)


“I had a bad dream.”

Kaidan burrowed further into her back, the stubble on his chin scraping the skin between her shoulderblades. “It was just a dream,” he told their errant offspring, his voice fuzzy with sleep.

Shepard cracked one eye open to look at the small figure beside her bed. She shifted slightly, lifting an arm to grant Tom access to the warmth under the covers. She heard Kaidan sigh into her hair, felt his breath move the strands across the nape of her neck. “Rod for your own back,” he warned in a murmur.

She ignored him, pressing her own face against Tom’s shoulders, revelling in the smell of her child, the warmth of him in her arms and the feel of his heart fluttering against her arm. She kissed his shoulder and held him close. In this dark cocoon, he could not be hurt, not by anything. She would not allow it.

“What was it about?” Kaidan asked.

Of course he was a very strict father, she couldn’t help but think with a smile on her lips. “Now who’s making a rod?” she murmured as Tom decided it would be safer to sleep between them. She suffered tiny feet and hands as the clambered over her and shifted so she was facing her two boys.

“This is to help him process the dream,” Kaidan told her, beginning to sound amused. He propped his arm up against the pillow and cradled his head in his palm, watching Tom settle himself.

“Uh huh?” Curling into the pillows and the soft, forgiving mattress, she studied the two in the darkness, trying to see something of herself in Tom’s face. He had Kaidan’s jaw and eyes, maybe a touch of her around the mouth, but he took more from the Alenko side of the family, that was for sure. His hair had grown in lighter after the surgeries and only Edie had inherited the truly wild Alenko curls. Tom, like all of her children, had Kaidan’s tawny skin, though paler than the rest from all his time spent in hospitals and less spent under alien suns. She tried not to coddle Tom more than the others, tried to make his life as normal as possible even as she and Kaidan watched like hawks for any evidence of the eezo fed tumours. One out of their four children had developed those terrifying complications. One was as strong a biotic as she and Kaidan, Edie’s talents were self-evident. David had the ability to develop the talent and with Charlie it was too early to tell, except to say she was so far safe. Those were good odds, really.

“David showed me some vids,” Tom admitted in a quiet voice. “There were zombies in it. And you were there.”

She stiffened, seeing the curve of Kaidan’s mouth thin in the gloom. “News vids?” he asked in a quiet voice.

Tom shrugged, his elbow digging into her ribs as he made himself more comfortable. “Their eyes glowed,” he continued, his voice wavering just a little. “And . . . and then the Normandy was all broken.”

Kaidan’s eyes flashed, a muscle in his jaw jumping in irritation. He pulled Tom into an embrace, stroking his son’s shaved head. “I’ll kill the little brat,” he said to Shepard.

Good Things - 2/? [FShep/Kaidan + kids]

She shook her head, stealing out from under the covers and grabbing a robe from the nearby chair.

“Don’t tell him I told,” Tom cried out.

“I’m just going to check he’s not having nightmares too,” she soothed. “He’s too afraid to come and see us when he’s scared,” she said, turning back to kiss both of her boys on the forehead. Kaidan gave her a look over the top of Tom’s head, a look that promised he would not be nearly so forgiving. As she left, she heard his murmured words to Tom.

“It all went away, you know, all the bad things you saw in the vid. We made them better, your mother and me and Uncle Garrus and Aunt Tali and everyone.”

Shepard padded barefoot through the hallways of their apartment. She paused for a moment outside Edie’s bedroom, listening intently for any sounds of conspiracy, but her eldest slept on. She opened the door a crack to be sure and saw, with satisfaction, that Edie was sprawled over her bed, one leg hanging off the edge, both her pillows on the deck and her sheets tangled around her. Shepard entered, returning the pillows and tucking Edie in.

"Mmmm," Edie barely stirred, looking peaceful as her mother eased the covers back. Shepard leaned down to kiss her forehead and smoothed some curls back from her eyes, leaving Edie's room behind.

She reached David’s room at the far end of the corridor and clearly he had been entertaining his brother in the evening. She slipped in on silent feet, catching her ten year old son sitting on his bed, omnitool on and videos playing. Historical documents, she had to remind herself, documenting her own victories.

She saw herself in her distinctive armour - that damned suit she had put on every day knowing soldiers would see her on the field and take hope in the image – firing her Paladin into a cluster of husks. It was from Earth, she realised with a start. She’d never figured out who had managed to get some of this footage, so close to the end. Why hadn’t they been running?

“Are you going to give me into trouble?” David asked, glancing at her. He didn't seem surprised by her appearance.

Of all her children, he looked most like her, she decided. His features were finer, he had the Shepard stamp all over his upturned nose and curling lips and the defiant eyes he fixed on her now.
She sighed, dragging her hand through her hair and pulling her robe tighter around her waist. She perched on the edge of his bed, on sheets that were patterned with stars. “Sweetheart, why are you watching those?” she asked, reaching to pause the vid on his omnitool. He jerked his hand towards his stomach, cradling an arm around the glowing orange panels.

“Is that how it happened?” he said, frowning at the little screen. “I mean, really? Sometimes people tell different stories. Aunty Liara talks about the Normandy coming home and dad says he went back on the Agincourt and . . .” his frown deepened.

A tight iron band contracted around her heart. She reached forward to brush the hair from his face. “Sweetie, does it matter?”

“Yeah,” he said it as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Of course it matters. I want to know the truth. I want . . .” he hesitated, biting his lip and flicked his fingers over the screen. The documentary flipped to a bookmarked scene, one of her seeing Kaidan again for the first time, her body very broken, a deadness in her eyes that still frightened her. “You look so sad here,” he whispered.

She smiled and reached for his hand, pulling it towards her chest, laying his small fingers over her heart. “Feel that?”

“Yuh huh.”

She raised his hand to her cheek and smiled. “Feel that?”

“Yes,” he said, rolling his eyes at her. “I know you’re alive, mom,” he drawled. His fingers curled towards her palm. “But . . . these vids are horrible. Are you okay?

She sighed and looked at the screen floating above his mattress. Most children would accept 'yes, I'm fine', her other three children would probably accept it without question. But not David.

Good Things - 3/3 [FShep/Kaidan + kids]

“I get bad dreams sometimes,” she admitted. “Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing."

David frowned.

"Sometimes I feel guilty," she revealed. "I wonder if I did the right thing. I wonder why it wasn’t easier. I wonder why I deserve to be so happy with you and your brother and sisters."

"I don't know how you were so brave," David murmured, his eyes wide. "I mean . . . you were so alone."

She smiled and leaned forward to kiss his forehead. That he considered loneliness to be the worst thing was her greatest achievement in life. Her children found that more alien than any Reaper. She placed a finger over his lips. “Edie never asked these questions,” she teased. “She just wanted to know the exciting stuff.”

“But you’re the important part,” he said, words a little muffled against her finger. "Weren't you scared?"

She sighed deeply. "No," she lied. "Because part of me knew that good things would happen again. And they did. Your sister first, and then you, and then Tom and then Charlie. You four are all very good things.” She hesitated, then reached forward to flick the scene on the omnitool forward. “They don’t show it,” she said, “those cameras, they don’t show when your dad gave me a hug, and all of our friends were around it. But believe me, that’s the really important part.”

“Why don’t they show it?” he asked, turning back to the screen with his frown back on his face.

“Because, my sweet, it was for me, not for everyone watching on. Besides, you say you hate it when I kiss your father.”

“Because it’s disgusting,” he avowed, allowing her to tuck him in under the covers and switch his omnitool off. “I won’t show it to Tom again,” he whispered as she kissed his cheek.

“Good boy,” she said, leaving his room to find Kaidan waiting in the hall, arms folded across his bare chest. “Tom back in bed?” she asked in surprise.

“When he learned that the fearsome Commander Shepard destroyed all of the bad zombies he was happy,” he told her, sliding one hand into the opening of the robe, tugging the belt off with one swooping move. “Since we’re awake . . .”

Good things happened all the time.

Re: Good Things - 3/3 [FShep/Kaidan + kids]

OP is just delighted to read more from the Chaosverse, and this was beautiful. In my personal headcanon I never dared give Shepard and Kaidan children, but you've almost convinced me otherwise. Beautiful, A!A. Thank you!

-- OP

Re: Good Things - 3/3 [FShep/Kaidan + kids]

Haha - oh I'm glad you like it OP!

Re: Good Things - 3/3 [FShep/Kaidan + kids]

Cute. Really cute. I really love the fact that you made the one kid with her features really observant like she is. Did I say how cute this was?

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