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Mass Effect Kink Meme: PART XIII

"We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, the kink meme will endure."


Post your requests anonymously, and fill any prompts that catch your eye. We’re not picky around here; anything goes. Fanart or fanfic, het, femslash, slash, threesomes and moresomes, or just gen-fic; as long as it’s part of the Mass Effect universe, there’s a place for it here.

  • All posts must be anonymous, be they prompts, fills, or comments.
  • Every new prompt should be a new post. Indexing’s impossible otherwise.
  • Pictures and videos should be linked to, not inserted directly into the meme. Be nice to people with slow connections!
  • No flames! We like a friendly atmosphere. If something’s not to your taste, just ignore it. If you see someone else causing problems, message me – don’t feed the trolls!
  • My Kink doesn't have to be Your Kink, and Vice Versa. A prompt or story that's outright trolling gets deleted; prompts that are merely not to someone's taste don't. I don't think anyone wants me to start imposing my own tastes on other people's fantasies.
  • No plagiarism. Didn’t think I’d have to point that out, but some people didn’t seem to get the message. If someone’s already written a story that fills a prompt, feel free to link to it, but don’t repost it and claim it as your own.
  • No underage content. Use some basic common sense for what applies here.
  • Give back to the community! Try and write something for every prompt you leave. If you don’t think you’re up to writing, at least leave feedback on stories you enjoyed. Nobody likes putting effort into a story and getting silence in return.
  • The character limit per comment is 4300 – Break your story into 600-700 word chunks, and you shouldn’t have any problems.
  • When posting a story for an old prompt on this meme, please repost the original prompt here, then post the story as a reply to it - otherwise, everyone has to scroll past long stories to see the newest comments on a page!
  • Multiple fills are always welcome!
  • We run fill-a-thons every few weeks, during which new prompts aren’t allowed. If you post one by mistake, don’t worry – I repost them at the end of the week.
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  • It’s ‘Kaidan’, not ‘Kaiden’.

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FemShep/Kaidan - Post ending Spectre shenanigans

Repost from:

Two human Spectres, kicking ass and taking names. Something like a sexy Spectre buddy cop film. Maybe sent on a joint mission or one finds the other undercover OR SOMETHING. I don't care how the ending is handwaved so long as it's not too grim.

FemShep/Kaidan, Kaidan vs Alison Gunn 1/2

Without warning, the deckplates under Kaidan's knees shook with the familiar vibrations of an eezo-core driven vessel powering up and breaking through atmosphere. He nearly swore, except for the knowledge that the three mercs he was currently playing hide-and-seek with would discover him in a heartbeat if he did.

In hindsight, just "checking out" a ship that stood in the take-off zone had been a bad idea. The crew had finished loading a lot faster than he'd expected them to. And he still hadn't found Shepard. Which was why he was hiding, rather than unleashing biotic hell on the mercs. Intel said they'd tracked her to this ship. They'd been unable to discern her status. One of the agents had noted the possibility that she was a prisoner. If he revealed himself, the mercs might sound the alarm and... well, one Spectre could be kept captive, but two were probably too much for a merc band to handle. And the one in the brig was less hassle to shoot than the one in the cargo bay.

He peeked out from his hiding place, willing his brain to come up with a plan, any plan. Minutes passed, and suddenly the three mercs in the bay did the quick head-tilt that said someone was speaking on their comms.

Then screechy loudspeakers crackled to life, followed by a very dark, very krogan voice echoing in the bay, "Attention Spectre scum," oh yeah, that wasn't good. "We have your girlfriend. Surrender, or she gets it."


Nothing else for it. He told himself he was playing along until he found Shepard, not surrendering, and stepped out of his hiding place with his hands raised. The mercs were on him in seconds – they'd almost found him as it was. Rough gloved hands grabbed him by the arms and held him hard, as if he was struggling. Then he felt sharp nails on his neck, followed by his second most hated sensation ever – that of his amp being forced out of its jack. He drew a breath, willing his body not to shudder, but it was difficult.

The mercs didn't seem to care though, and he didn't see what happened to his amp after it was taken out. Minor irritant perhaps, compared to being captured and about to face who-knew-what, but biotics were picky about their amps.

Then he was being dragged deeper into the ship, into an elevator, up, and down a long corridor to a set of double doors, where they met another small group of mercs, all looking at him with sadistic glee. His heart plummeted when he realised where they were.

An airlock.

Not good. Not good at all. And because there was a mass effect field in place, they could safely chuck him outside with no risk to themselves. At least they didn't seem to be gaining much altitude, the ground still visible below, which was of absolutely no comfort what so ever.

He was about to start trying some kind of bargain when the mercs turned to the approaching footsteps.

"Nice catch."

That voice.

He spun his head around to see a magnificently skimpy leather dress, wrapped around the muscular curves of....


Shepard's snort was entirely unlike anything he had ever heard from her, and she stepped into the airlock. The decimeter-high heels on her leather boots caused her movements to sway a little, even as she moved with lethal grace. When she talked, it was to the mercs, not him.

"See what I mean? They think I'm her. Without fail." She crossed her arms and weighed on her heel, her tone now mocking. "No, Spectre. I am not Shepard. I am Alison Gunn. You call me Shepard again and I'm sewing your mouth shut, understood?"

He stared. What? Had he been mistaken? This was the right ship. Was she... that had to be her.

"I said," she continued, when his mouth stayed shut in shock, "do you understand?" She walked up to him, hips swaying invitingly, and reached out a hand to lay two fingers on his lips. "Because sewing them shut would be such a damn shame."

That was a pure Shepard touch. The same one she'd given him three mornings ago before kissing him and telling him to stop fretting, it was just a simple pick-up-drop-off mission. And just like that, things crystallised together. She was undercover. Telling him not to blow her identity. Somehow the milk run had turned into a full-blown operation.

"I understand."

Re: FemShep/Kaidan, Kaidan vs Alison Gunn 1/2

Kaidan: I sometimes wish my nights involved more sex, less getting thrown out of ships.

FemShep/Kaidan, Kaidan vs Alison Gunn 2/2

A possibly blown operation. The way the mercs suddenly defered to the krogan that sauntered into the airlock told Kaidan everything he needed to know about her situation with these people. Probably she'd been discovered doing the pickup and had spun a tall tale instead of fight her way out.

Normally, he would've been proud.

Currently, he was wondering how much it would endanger the mission to just go fight their way out now. The krogan got right into Kaidan's face and breathed on him. He glared back, holding his breath.

The krogan snorted, "Not so tough now, are you?"

Well, plenty tough to attack the krogan and hope not to get his skull crushed, because he trusted Shepard. But without a little bit of coordination between them... if she was determined to see this undercover thing out, he wasn't going to ruin it without more info.

"So what do we do with em?" one of the mercs asked.

"Shepard's loaded. She'll pay a fortune to get him back," Shepard/Gunn said, avarice warming her voice.

The krogan snorted. "For someone who spends a lot of time impersonating her, you don't know a lot about her. Sure, she'll agree to pay us millions for him. Then she'll use the fund transfer to find out who we are, where we keep him, then storm the base and kill everyone in it."

Kaidan had to agree. That was Shepard's usual MO.

"So we're just gonna toss em out the airlock, nice and clean."


He tried to keep his glare on the krogan instead of glancing at Shepard in panic. He reminded himself that her suit's biometric readings had barely changed when she'd stood face-to-face with a Reaper; this situation wouldn't phase her.

Shepard straightened a bit, long legs looking just a bit longer, but Kaidan could tell she wasn't breaking character, not even for this.

Just as he knew she wouldn't.

"Aww, hang on. Just one thing I want to do first," 'Ms. Gunn' said, invading Kaidan's personal space and putting her arms around his neck. "I want to see what makes you so interesting to her." And then she leaned forward and kissed him, her tongue working itself into his mouth. They were in full view of the mercs who started snickering and heckling, and Kaidan felt a blush coming on, even as her cool hands chilled his neck.

No, not just cool hands. Something hard scraped against the back of his head, uncomfortably close to his empty amp jack.

And then he could barely keep on his feet as he felt the electrifying spasm shoot through him as his amp jack wasn't empty any more.

Shepard kept him flush against her body, using pure muscle strength to keep him standing until he got his balance under control. The icy cold watery feeling dribbled down his spine, and when the kiss broke, he drew a deep breath for air.

Gunn looked immensely pleased with herself, sashaying her hips.

"Well, glad to know I've still got the touch."

The mercs laughed even louder.

Then Shepard moved away, and the next thing Kaidan knew, two men grabbed him by the arms and shoved him through the airlock's mass effect field, and out into low atmosphere.

He flared in near panic as the ground began approaching quickly. He knew what she meant for him to do. Use his biotics to save himself.

Except for the small fact that he hadn't been able to figure the asari glide-trick out. She knew that. Hell, neither had she. They'd been failing at it together for weeks. He'd almost had it a few times, but....

But he didn't have a damn choice. It was do or die.

He flared as much dark energy as he could, and realised with a start that it was far more than he usually managed. This wasn't his amp. His amp was designed to reduce the strain on his system and give him decreased recovery times. This one was made for pure raw output.


Kaidan decided right there and then that he loved her like crazy, but he was never letting her go undercover again.

Re: FemShep/Kaidan, Kaidan vs Alison Gunn 2/2

This is so brilliant A!A. Just the way Shepard flaunts it in front of everyone, when she's really saving Kaidan's life, and he's his usual nervous/unflappable self about it all. Top notch writing.

Re: FemShep/Kaidan, Kaidan vs Alison Gunn 2/2

YES! Badass partners and Shepard in heels. I have so much love for this fill.

Re: FemShep/Kaidan, Kaidan vs Alison Gunn 2/2

Oh yeah that was good!
I missed a prompt with femshep/kaidan here

Re: FemShep/Kaidan, Kaidan vs Alison Gunn 2/2

It was on the last effective page before new thread launch, and squeezed in right before a fill-a-thon. Pretty easy to miss.

Re: FemShep/Kaidan, Kaidan vs Alison Gunn 2/2


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