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Mass Effect Kink Meme: Mass Effect 3 PART II
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A Little Less Conversation 1/?

AN: Oh little prompt, how could you not have been filled by now? I really need to stop writing Shenko...


No quarian could spend as much time with humans as Tali had, and not develop some appreciation for their form. The male form, particularly. It was enough like quarian males with the broad shoulders and chest that she didn't feel the need to buy a subscription to Fornax or anything. There was nothing deviant about it, as Mordin might have said. It was simply a little diversion. No harm in it. And besides, it wasn't like she was attached to anyone, or that any stubborn son of a boshtet with a stick up his ass had noticed that she might like to be talked to nicely once in a while without the prompting of a shotgun to back it up and -

- and we're breathing. We're calm.

No, Tali refused to feel bad about her newest hobby. And besides, according to Private Campbell, as Steve had instigated the whole thing, it was fine. Apparently that was a human tradition. And Tali was perfectly happy to pretend to believe that.

She was admittedly a little surprised to find Liara on her exit from the elevator. And Liara seemed startled to see her too. "Oh! Tali, I . . . was just visiting Javik," Liara began, hopping down from the windowsill leading to the cargo bay, "and then I got tired! And had to sit for a moment-"

Tali raised her hand to stop the asari continuing. "Who told you about the fight?" she asked, heading for the window.

Liara's cheeks flushed bright purple. "I'm sure I don't know-" she began, only for Diana Allers to choose that moment to walk out of her quarters and loudly announce that their entertainment was due to start.

"I've rigged up the bay for sound too," Allers added, giving Tali what was probably supposed to be a conspiratorial wink. "After last time."

"What happened last time?" Liara asked, far too eagerly for someone who had allegedly happened upon the ring by accident. Tali approached the glass, noticing that Vega was there already. He was testing himself on the punching bag, quick pummels of his fists contorting the canvas sack.

"There was taunting," Allers drawled. "It was delicious."

"What have I missed?" Gabby emerged from engineering with a smear of grease on her nose.

"Nothing yet," Tali informed her friend. Gabby joined her at the sill, arms folded, scrutinising the arena with a practised eye. "Want to place a bet?"

Gabby's eyes flickered to Tali's face, what she could see of it, and the corner of her lips twitched. "Okay, sure . . . my money's on Vega."

Tali extended her hand immediately. "Done, a hundred credits, agreed?"

"Agreed," Gabby slapped her palm against Tali's glove.

"You've backed Kaidan?" Liara asked, eyes wide.

Tali nodded. "I'll be a hundred chits better off by the end of the day."

"But it's hardly fair," Liara argued. "Kaidan has biotics, I heard last time he suspended Vega in the air for ten minutes . . . not that I . . ."

Allers laughed and slapped Liara on the back. "That's where our little engineer might be on to something. I heard Vega say there was a moratum on biotics this time."

The elevator doors opened again and Westmoreland trotted out. "Have I missed the start?" she demanded, pushing her nose up against the glass. "Oh good, I haven't missed anything!"

"How did this start?" Liara asked. She ducked, almost instinctively, as they spotted Kaidan walking out from under their vantage point.

"It was in the mess after Rannoch," Tali said. "Kaidan told Vega to put his money where his mouth was." She smiled in the privacy of her helmet. It was a good memory. "Kaidan won first time round. Now's the rematch."
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A Little Less Conversation 2/?

"Hey, Vega, feeling lucky?" Kaidan's voice sounded a little tinny over the speakers in Allers' omnitool. Through the glass, Tali spotted their reserved Major strolling towards Vega with a smirk. She leaned against the window frame, watching Vega's muscles bunch and uncurl under the white t-shirt.

"You know it, sir. Let's see you dance without all those fancy hand waves," Vega added. He circled out into the floorspace, fists clenched and held in front of his face, while Kaidan moved in an elliptic orbit. Unknowingly, he gave the watchers an unimpeded view of the tight ass clothed under tight BDUs.

It didn't seem like a fair fight, Kaidan was shorter, slighter than the lieutenant. Vega certainly had reach on him, as proved by two sharp jabs aimed at Kaidan's ribs the moment he intersected Vega's space. Kaidan dodged both, moving with the light footed speed Tali associated with her friend's ability to tear across a battlefield.

Kaidan ducked under Vega's arm and landed a hard blow on Vega's ribs that could be picked up by Allers' mic. "You hurt my feelings, Vega."

"I'll hurt more than that, old man."

Speed or no, Kaidan couldn't avoid every hit, and Vega was no slump himself. Liara gasped when the younger man slammed a fist into Kaidan's jaw and their old friend reeled backwards. Gabby and Allers cheered when Kaidan responded by sweeping the legs out from under the lieutenant, and cooed when he immediately retreated to allow the younger man up. "Oh I love a gentleman," Gabby sighed softly, fogging the glass with her words.

"What are you lot studying?" a curious voice demanded from behind them.

Tali's stomach dropped to the deck. Gabby squeaked and Allers actually jumped in the air - something Tali had never truly seen a human do. Shepard, thankfully, missed all of this, honing in on the view they were fixated on.

"Oh, ladies," Shepard said, her cheeks dimpling. "What is this?"

"The major's giving the lieutenant some pointers," Gabby said, returning to the window. "We're uh . . ."

"Learning through osmosis?" Shepard asked. She folded her arms, leaning against the wall, her eyes wide as she watched the sparring. "You know, if you ladies wanted hand-to-hand combat training, I'd be happy to oblige."

At that moment Vega launched an assault on Kaidan, the sound of knuckles on flesh silencing them all. Tali thought Shepard's eyebrows drew closer at the first echo over the omnitool's speakers, but her gaze was fixed on the sparring marines.

Kaidan's recovery was fast, but instead of retaliating, he skipped out of Vega's reach, drawing the back of his hand over his lip and coming away with red smeared knuckles. "Don't hold back, Vega," he drawled.

Tali thought she saw Shepard suck in a little breath through parted lips.

"I'm not, sir," Vega said through panting, tugging at the white of his t-shirt and revealing an inked back, glistening with sweat. "Hold still, sir, and I'll hit you again."

Kaidan obliged, moving in close and raising his hands to block half a dozen odd jabs, waiting for James to pause before slamming his fists into the younger man's sides.

"Kaidan," Shepard murmured, shaking her head a little.

"What?" Allers pressed.

"Ah, he's just," and Shepard cut herself off, her tongue darting out to wet her bottom lip.

"Yes, isn't he just," Allers purred.

Shepard's gaze darted to the reporter. "He's toying with him," she said sharply. "That's all, Allers."

At that point, Kaidan stepped backwards, hands up in a 'time-out' gesture, tugging his own shirt off.

Tali couldn't help but lean in. He was wirier than she had expected, compacted muscle. An intriguing trail of dark hair led below the belt of his pants, the harsh overhead lighting casting dark shadows in the hollows of his muscles.

"All right, ladies," Shepard said softly. "Show's over. Let's leave the boys in peace."

Tali nodded, retreating with Gabby towards engineering, while Liara took the others into the elevator. She couldn't help but notice that Shepard hadn't budged from her spot at the window.

Gabby gave her a look as the doors closed behind them. "Well, it was good while it lasted," she said with a shrug.

"What was?" Ken asked as they entered engineering. "What did I miss?"
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A Little Less Conversation 3/?

He'd always moved well. She remembered, in the early days chasing Saren, more than a few sleepless nights replaying his precise mnemonics, rolls and dives in her mind's eye. After a while she didn't even pretend it was looking for tips, not after Ashley suggested they use the LT to draw out an asari mole they were stalking. Kaidan had been scandalised by the idea when the Chief floated in, a bright red blush creeping down his neck and doing terrible things to Shepard's imagination.

Nowadays, she knew exactly what parts of him coloured in what hue. If she ever needed her memory refreshed he was happy to oblige.

She'd be damned if she was going to share those hard won secrets with half her damned crew, and Allers of all people! The thought of the reporter's gaze on Kaidan's abs turned her stomach. She could very clearly hear a voice in her head, snarling and spitting like a banshee, demanding Allers be kicked to the kerb the very next port they came to - or better yet! Give her to Javik and have Javik kick her out an airlock!

She listened very hard for the Voice of Reason, but it seemed to be enjoying the view too much. James had Kaidan in a head lock, pressing her lover's face to his ribs, his big inked arms bulging. Kaidan didn't struggle, only his feet moved, trying to find purchase so he could lever his frame out of James' grasp.

The Voice of Reason had been absent more and more of late. Like when she had emerged from the elevator to find herself staring down the barrel of Kaidan's pistol. She expected the Voice of Reason to chime in then, to tell her it was kill or be killed, and the fate of the galaxy rested on her shoulders. The Voice of Reason never cared too much about what Shepard wanted. So she had lowered her guns.

The Voice of Reason usually liked to make sure she kept up the front. The Voice of Reason had kept her from striking more than a few reporters in the face. The Voice of Reason listened to Garrus' ruthless calculus with a mathematician's ear.

Kaidan wrestled himself from Vega's grasp and spun around so he and the lieutenant were back to back. While Vega hesitated, unsure what was coming next, Kaidan drove his elbow into Vega's kidneys, spinning around to give him a light tap on the jaw, skipping backwards before Vega could retaliate. The bigger man was lumbering now, having to chase Kaidan around their makeshift ring. Kaidan's blows were getting no lighter.

The Voice of Reason probably would want to intervene here, to offer Vega the pointers he so desperately needed if he was going to take Kaidan out. But as it had been on the Citadel, the Voice was quiet when it came to Kaidan. Reason had nothing to do with their relationship.

Where did he get the stamina from? James was more than a handful of years younger and yes, okay, he had more bulk to move around, but that alone couldn't account for the beads of sweat that trickled down his spine, while Kaidan just seemed to glow with perspiration.

Ah, she loved the smell of his sweat, was that weird? Slightly savoury, like chips, usually mixed with oil and the sterile tang of medigel that burned her nostrils. It meant he was beside her in battle, hunkered down behind the same concrete block, or exerting himself in bed to make her scream incoherently. Both those things were good things, and there were precious few good things in her life.

Maybe that was why Reason had taken a break.

Kaidan's gaze shifted from Vega's eyes to the windows, fixing on hers through glass and empty air. He dodged Vega's blow and laid into the younger man with a brutal onslaught, harder than the young lieutenant deserved for thinking Kaidan might be distracted. A final sucker punch to the gut had Vega sprawling on the deck, undoubtedly wheezing. She remembered Allers' sound feed and headed for the elevators.

There'd be no damned spying on her ship.

And if anyone was going to be ogling the Major, it would be her.
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 3/?

...go on.
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 3/?

Yes. More please.

And please don't stop writing shenko as well. :D
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 3/?

OMG. This story is made of pure awesome, A!A.
More please?
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A Little Less Conversation 4/?

When the elevator doors opened, James was wiping his forehead down with a towel that seemed absurdly fluffy for such a big man. Kaidan had his head tipped back, a water bottle raised to his lips and his throat bobbing as he glugged it down, greedily.

"Hey, Lola," James said, greeting her with a wave.

She nodded to him, but her whole attention was focussed on Kaidan, still half clothed. His tawny skin shone with the effort a non-biotic fight had taken him. Her tongue was parched, she wanted to taste him on lips.

"You just missed it, I had to let the Major here win to soothe his ego," Vega wittered on and Kaidan lowered the bottle from his lips, his eyebrows drawing together, something in her manner alerting him. He wasn't concerned, yet, still more amused by Vega and the fight.

She clenched her fist at her side, curling her fingers in a quick gesture for silence on a battlefield. Now she had truly piqued his curiosity, and alarmed him. His fingers made small indentations in the water bottle and he glanced around the hangar.

She smiled at Vega, although it felt stiff an unnatural as her skin burned to be touched, to be soothed by Kaidan's voice and his whispers falling over her body like rain. "If you say so, Vega. Kaidan, can I borrow you for a moment?"

Kaidan nodded, following her back towards the elevator in silence, evidently taking her wordless warning seriously enough. He snatched up his shirt as he walked, but shook it out, tucking his hands through the armholes, preparing to pull it over his head.

The door had barely closed behind them before she turned and had him pushed up against the wall of the elevator, her hands on his stomach, her lips crushing against his. With his hands still tangled in his shirt and pressed between their bodies, he couldn't do anything but tilt his head downwards to better meet her greed. With his back to the wall, he could bend his knees to bring their eyes level. Her nose crashed against his, his teeth bruised her lips, and she clasped his face between her palms, holding him steady.

Somehow - ahh, she felt her boot step on something soft, he must have dropped the shirt - he had freed his hands and now had them at her waist.

It felt so good to be held by him, secure, safe, and no war or missing friends could hurt her. She'd been letting him take the lead between them, promising herself it was exhaustion and caution that held her back. She reached down and batted his hands away, pinning his wrists to the elevator wall, up above his head. She could feel his grin, his mouth tensing under hers.

The doors hissed as they opened and she kicked his shirt away, wondering if Allers would find it next time she entered the elevator, would return it to him in the morning. She wondered if Allers would think about Kaidan when she was alone in her bed tonight, if the reporter's hands would wander like Shepard's had had to so many times before.

Kaidan grunted as she shoved him into the room, the noise undoubtedly involuntary as her thigh perhaps pushed too hard between his legs.

Maybe Allers would see Kaidan over the mess table at breakfast, would wonder if imagination could ever match up to reality. Would never get to know.

A dark snake of desire uncurled from her heart, seeking to coil around Kaidan, to mark him, brand him, cover him with her pheromones and force any and every soul on board to know who he belonged to. Her lips moved to his collar bones, the hollow under his throat that always fascinated her, where sometimes sweat pooled. Her teeth worked their way into his skin before the Voice of Reason could try and point out she was a fully sentient human being who didn't need to piss and mark her territory. Kaidan gasped, his hands going to her shoulders. Not to pull her away, she realised, but holding her close to him.

She released his skin, leaving a red weal glistening from her spit, and she shoved him back against the glass of the aquarium, startling one of the koi.

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A Little Less Conversation 5/?

Her hands went to the fly of his BDUs and she tugged, hard, pulling at the last of Kaidan's clothing and letting his pants pool around his ankles. She bent her head to one puckered nipple, her fingertips tracing the goosebumps on his arm where sweat cooled skin was now pressed up against the cold glass. She could hear his breath in her ear, as loud as her own heartbeat, shaking and short. She raked her teeth over his flesh and he pressed his hips closer to hers, hands lingering on the hem of her hoodie. It was unusual for her to still be clothed at this stage, when Kaidan was already hot and hard against hip.

She ran her palms up his arms, tearing her lips from his chest and leaning back to meet his gaze. His lips were parted, she'd brought a flush to his cheeks that Vega couldn't with all his dancing. His eyes were heavy lidded. No man should have eyelashes so long, brushing his cheeks as he surveyed her.

She pushed down on his shoulders and he fell to his knees, more eager than obedient, his hands going to her zipper. She gripped his shoulders, some abstract part of her noting the way her fingernails pressed white semicircles in his skin as he applied his tongue between her legs.

Kaidan's tongue moved with purpose, darting back and forth, sending flickers of pleasure through her guts. His hands rested on her hips, but without the intent to restrain or keep her back. She rocked on the balls of her feet as he worked harder, sucking and teasing. She bit her lip as she watched his head bob with tiny movements, sweat slicked curls disturbed as he worked on her. She ran her fingers through his hair, his groan drizzling ice down her spine to meet the fire rising up from her core. Her fingernails had left marks in his skin, marks that would remain for a day or so. The sight of it turned her knees weak and she wavered against him, grateful for his hands suddenly tightening their grip.

All the time, his tongue kept working, a pace that picked up as she rocked up on her tiptoes again, her body at once trying both to escape and press against the sensations Kaidan was eliciting.

Her fingers curled in the hair at the nape of his neck. She bowed her head as she tugged gently, enough to make him raise his gaze, his eyes meeting hers. He pressed one hand between her legs, sliding one finger inside her, a whole new sensation, teasing at her body, promising to fill her and stretch her, to hit the spot that could completely undo her. For now, a downpayment, a long shudder that wracked her body and had her crying out to the gods of many species.

Kaidan remained on his knees, stroking her through the orgasm. His other hand snaked around her waist, holding her upright. In kind, she tugged on his hair, smiling as he popped up to his feet, kissing her. The taste of herself, served on his lips, had an intoxicating effect these days. He loved that, she knew, and somehow his little kink got all mixed up with her desires, and she loved it too. She pushed him away, having to put a little force behind it, and panting, ordered him to the bed.

He walked to the bed, but turned to face her as he lay down, sprawling over the sheets and reaching back to pull the pillows under his head. He watched her with a smirk, just about begging her to come over there and fuck him.

"Look at you," she murmured, stripping off her hoodie and shirt, while he curved his hand around himself, stroking slowly and deliberately as she stripped. "You think just because you beat the crap out of Vega and had all those women watching from the rails that you're the damned king of the galaxy, don't you?"

His eyebrows shot upwards. His free hand went to his ear, signalling 'hear something', asking if he could talk. He was still under orders to be quiet, orders he didn't understand or question once. She lifted her fingers into an 'okay' position, holding them between her breasts, and Kaidan wet his lips with his tongue. "No," he said in a husky voice. "But when I've got you . . ."
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A Little Less Conversation 6/6

The noise that came out of her throat might not have been entirely human, closer to some feral beast or wild creature. She launched herself halfway across the room, colliding on top of him and invading his mouth with her tongue, dragging her teeth over his lip, raking her nails down his arm, squeezing his hips between her thighs. Her lips left her mouth, she nipped at his earlobe as she rocked her hips back, making him suck in a breath that he quickly expelled again when he rammed home inside her. She arched her back, sitting up straight and throwing her head back, gasping out his name to the stars.

Her desires were not forgiving and she set a hard pace. Kaidan's eyes closed and he tensed, his own spine curving up from the mattress, his head pressing into the pillows. She could see concentration in every line of his face, his lips murmuring some cadence of reserve, most likely an omnitool's specs or something else equally dull.

"You're mine," she husked, drawing him in deeper, and his eyelids fluttered, the cadence on his lips faltering. "They can watch but only I can touch."

"Ahhh, shhhh-"

She dropped her body down, pressing herself against him, trailing light kisses down his neck as he rolled his hips under her, hitting every cluster, cord and band of nerve endings she possessed. "And if anyone gets to make you bleed, Major," she hissed, nipping at his neck. "It's me."

"It's you!" he agreed, his voice jumping a few registers, his head thrown back.

She sucked hard at the skin of his neck, intending to bruise and mark. Kaidan came then, bucking underneath her and shouting her name. She rocked her fingers against herself, only releasing Kaidan's skin from her lips as she gasped herself, her own release quieter, but no less debilitating. Kaidan grunted as her full weight dropped to his chest, but he draped his arms over her to keep her there.

After a moment of eternity, she identified the Voice of Reason in the very back of her mind. She had bruised him, hurt him, given him a god damned hickie of all things, and left his shirt in the elevator, could she have made it any harder for him to face the crew tomorrow? This was not professional, or smart and -

- "You're mine," she murmured, the snarling cavewoman apparently still in full control of her body.

Kaidan made a pleased noise in response that rumbled in his chest. After another moment, his hand moved on her bare back, fingers tracing erratic patterns on her skin. "If you'd like me to call you or something next time I teach the kid a lesson, just let me know. We can do this whenever you like."

"Yeah?" she nuzzled into his neck, where she had bruised him. "Well this doesn't happen if you lose, you know."

He chuckled briefly, shaking her. "With incentive like that, Vega doesn't stand a chance."
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 6/6

Holy fucking shit, this was hot as hell!
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 6/6

I ah, um, this Hot hot hot.

I seem to have lost my ability to speak, anon. Sorry.

I'll be...I'll be over here.
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 6/6

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaooooohhhgod it's so perfect and beautiful.

Does A!A have any other fills?? Or prompts?
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 6/6 - OP reporting in

WOW, author anon. Just wow. This story is so overwhelmingly hot that right now I'm positively speechless. Thank you for filling my prompt. You are obviously very talented and the way you pictured both Shepard and Kaidan is original and still perfectly in-character. I'll try my best to avoid incoherent babbling and give you a meaningful feedback you deserve.
But before that: SEXY... STEAMING... SAUCY... SIGH... Okay, I'm good :)

Especially awesome details:
- the mentioning of Tali/Kaidan friendship
- the Normandy ladies enjoying the Vega/Kaidan show
- Shepard dismissing "the Voice of Reason", repeatedly
- Kaidan quickly figuring out Shepard's intentions and staying quiet (well, at least to the point when she WANTED him to scream for her, LOL)
- the delicious idea of Allers noticing Shepard's marks all over Kaidan's skin. Oh anon, I can almost see it now - Diana's expression turning into famous "Okay guy" meme face :D

And most of all, I absolutely love possessive Shep! These lines:

Maybe Allers would see Kaidan over the mess table at breakfast, would wonder if imagination could ever match up to reality. Would never get to know.

A dark snake of desire uncurled from her heart, seeking to coil around Kaidan, to mark him, brand him, cover him with her pheromones and force any and every soul on board to know who he belonged to.

"You're mine," she husked, drawing him in deeper, and his eyelids fluttered, the cadence on his lips faltering. "They can watch but only I can touch."

"And if anyone gets to make you bleed, Major," she hissed, nipping at his neck. "It's me."

"Look at you," she murmured, stripping off her hoodie and shirt, while he curved his hand around himself, stroking slowly and deliberately as she stripped. "You think just because you beat the crap out of Vega and had all those women watching from the rails that you're the damned king of the galaxy, don't you?"

Gotta say, the last one almost killed me *rape face*

And one last thing: "I really need to stop continue writing more more Shenko."

Dear A!A, now you'll have to excuse me. I'm in the middle of some ovaries-explosions.
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 1/?

You're very mistaken there - there's no such thing as too much Shenko!
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Re: A Little Less Conversation 1/?

I really need to stop writing Shenko...

HELL NO! Write more!
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